Another Ten Midlands Towns To Drink In You (Might) Not Have Heard Of

Not the catchiest post title I know but my publishers have been pushing me for another piece of work. The clamour has been greater than the surge to buy either Michael Owen or David Cameron’s book so I have finally bowed to public pressure. Of course, in my last post I was waxing lyrical about… Continue reading Another Ten Midlands Towns To Drink In You (Might) Not Have Heard Of

Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

Spoiler alert:  This post isn’t about Brew XI. Just before Russ points out that this title is the lead to the M&B Brew XI advert from the 80s, I have to confess it is a tenuous link almost as loose as Martin’s scurrilous attempt to draw Birmingham City fans into his blog by using their… Continue reading Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

Lazy Sunday Afternoons In Burton

This is a short post but just to let everyone know sanity is all around despite the constant diatribe of B******t from politicians about B****t. With all the bitterness and rancour from a minority of the country’s population currently boring everyone senseless then it was the prefect time to find a civilised throwback boozer. It’s… Continue reading Lazy Sunday Afternoons In Burton

A Loughborough Double

Back to work has meant a blogging hiatus but with the fourth test due to start tomorrow then it seems like a perfect time to recall a jaunt to Loughborough the best part of two months ago. Not sure why some pubs lend themselves to immediate blogging yet others just stay on the backburner for… Continue reading A Loughborough Double