Thomas The Tank Engine Hits The Buffers

Having completed the full range of delights on offer at Drayton Manor Park such as the Apocalypse, G-Force, Maelstrom Accelerator and Shockwave with my eldest daughter it was time for a more relaxing pastime…i.e. the consumption of beer.

However, I don’t think I could have picked a more stressful bar if I tried. 4 – Drayton Manor Hotel B78 3TW

18 D Manor 1 11.08.17

Look, it was clean and friendly but the beer selection was average (Becks was the best on offer) and absolutely rammed full of kids high on Thomas The Tank Engine mantra.  For the bargain deposit of £10 you could hire a train to run along the tracks through the bar and …er.. that was about it really.  They sold Keg Boddingtons, which I haven’t seen in years, but that was arguably the most interesting detail of this bar.

18 D Manor 2 11.08.17

A clean and tidy place but if you want a bar to relax in then this is definitely not it!  No beermats either just to top it all off.  Stick to the Maelstrom and drive the extra mile into Fazeley instead for a pint.

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