Harry Or Charles When Nature Calls In Knowle?

Ten miles with Mrs BB on a Wednesday is a pleasure for a variety of reasons…1) She has taken an interest in my blog 2) the pictures will be much better in this post as she has a better eye…or so am I informed and 3) Not everyone likes drinking in ‘old men’ pubs so this will be a more balanced post…so I am told!

I use the term Warwickshire loosely as, strictly speaking it’s the West Midlands but Dorridge, Knowle and Lapworth just feels like the Shires as opposed to an urban sprawl.

Ten miles from Knowle & Dorridge CC with five pubs thrown in for good measure was given an early royal seal of approval in 8 – The Kings Arms – B93 0EE.

12 King's Arms 1 09.08.1712 King's Arms 9 09.08.17

This is basically a picturesque pub/restaurant but Mrs BB claimed it was the second best gin of the day so duly noted and a pint of Gold (Purity) was well received by yours truly.  However, the real story unfolded when Mrs BB went to the girl’s room and returned having been faced with a dilemma.  A picture of Charles on one door and Harry on the other…suffice to say the queue for Harry, so to speak, was large whilst poor old Charles was almost untouched!

12 King's Arms 13 09.08.17

Some interesting art on the walls and the staff were helpful but not really a kicking kind of place (like I’d know at my age)!

12 King's Arms 11 09.08.17

Having eaten my own body weight in blackberries en route next port of call was 9 – The Navigation – B94 6NA.  Lapworth is Millionaire’s row and a succession of Birmingham City managers have lived here over the years – not sure Harry Redknapp is ready to trade in his Sandbanks mansion just yet though!  14 Navigation 4 09.08.17

However, The Navigation has always been regarded as the most ‘pubby’ of its hostelries and whilst it’s predominantly food based there were three top notch characters on bar stools.  A Father Jack soundalike peppered his conversation with more ‘fecks’ than a Barry Fry team talk and Mrs BB was amused, especially with constant references to both Declan and Murphy.  Their conversation turned to all matters Brexit which sent the fecks up a notch and was excellent entertainment!  I wonder how these places sometimes stay open all day as there was a couple of families in, a couple of cyclists and the three hard core Irish boys.  Glad it was though and the Lapworth Gold (Byatt’s) was decent. 14 Navigation 3 09.08.17

Last leg of the walk before Knowle was on the towpath..

14 Navigation 5 09.08.17

14 Navigation 6 09.08.17

and into 10 – The Black Boy – B93 0EB.  13 Black Boy 10 09.08.17

This was more vibrant and was arguably my best beer of the day with a Hooky Gold (Hook Norton) but Mrs BB reckoned her G&T wasn’t quite up to King’s Arms standard.  Good place though full of clutter, great hanging baskets, beermats and background music ranging from the Righteous Brothers to The Verve.13 Black Boy 8 09.08.1713 Black Boy 9 09.08.17

I like the mix of people you get in The Black Boy as it was a school holiday so plenty of families but this is classed as a ‘country pub’ for the nearby Brummies who flock to the outside benches and play area so there is always a decent mix in here. ….13 Black Boy 7 09.08.17

And I particularly liked the name of this boat moored on the canal….very apt I feel13 Black Boy 3 09.08.17

Part 2 is on its way with a Johnny Rotten lookalike, Knowle’s most philanthropic barfly and news of a good local Ember Inns pub that will send shockwaves through the beer blogging fraternity.


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