NIMBYISM In Dorridge!

Station bars are renowned for being the cutting edge of all things beer…think of The Sheffield Tap, The Stalybridge Station Tap, The Euston Tap

8 Forest 2 06.08.17

However, 16 – The Forest Hotel  – B93 8JA at Dorridge Station most definitely isn’t in this category. 

I’ve waxed lyrical in previous posts about the difference between Knowle and Dorridge and The Forest sums it up perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, it is popular although at 4.45 on a Sunday with Mrs BB and the kids it was pretty quiet.  A decent pint of Shipyard Pale Ale and a large dry white for Mrs BB were pleasant enough but this is not what you would class as a ‘station’ pub. It’s not really my bag but  maybe that’s an age thing (that’s not me in the picture above!) and a hotel bar is more the trend these days?

8 Forest 3 06.08.17

Positives were the barmaid was friendly, drinks were decent, it was a relaxed ‘reading Sunday newspapers’ kind of atmosphere and the kids could run around outside without too many of the local bourgeoisie complaining whilst the décor is clean and bright.   However, there has apparently been a rumpus with the recently closed Station Bar, which is about 25 metres away across the road.  According to my FB feed (so take it with a pinch of salt) someone has bought the Station Bar and is in the process of revamping it but met with complaints from the owners of the Forest re noise

If this is the case, there is definitely an air of NIMBYISM (is that a word?).  The proposal has gone through though and Dorridge will benefit from another pub in the village centre and The Forest’s clientele won’t be affected, as they will be perfectly happy drinking in the biggest joint in town.

8 Forest 1 06.08.17.jpg

As Dorridge goes, which is akin to sleepy villages such as Portwenn (think Doc Martin but inland), this constitutes a bit of drama and no doubt the WI will be discussing the imminent arrival of a bit of competition for the behemoth in central Dorridge!

8 Forest 4 06.08.17

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