It’s A Fenny Old Game…

…This pub business, as Jimmy Greaves possibly once said.  One minute you can be all alone and pondering an early finish then a surge of customers keeps you on your toes and a clear head is essential.  Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army fame definitely said “Don’t Panic” and the gaffer of the 18 – Coach and Horses – DE6 1LB is clearly a man with a chilled out approach to life.

22 Coach 6 13.08.17

Unashamedly in the veteran status as regards a pub landlord he has seen it all before (I guess) and this country boozer in Fenny Bentley looks like a well-loved home.

22 Coach 5 13.08.18

En-route back from Buxton to Derby this will pick up a fair bit of walking trade and after a quiet start on late Sunday afternoon, most of the village suddenly piled in to eat but John (definitely his name, I saw it on the Cask Marque certificate) remained unflustered and genial throughout backing up the Alan Hansen quote of “you’ll never win anything with kids.”

22 Coach 3 13.08.17

Talking of kids, both mine and Mrs BB were remarkably complimentary about the food and well stocked with a couple of decent beers I did in fact plump for Prosecco to go with my top class Burger as that was the vibe I was feeling!

22 Coach 1 13.08.17

The food wasn’t cheap but it was high class and that is the trick in a place like this.  Lots of bric-a-brac and pottery stacked high on the shelves all sparkling and clean with three rooms, two for eating and one for drinking ensures it caters for all.

No one appeared stressed as the vibe from the gaffer was very much “no problem” and “we’ll get there in our own time” and all the locals appeared more than happy.  He also had a BRAG certificate on the wall (never seen that before) as well as numerous trophies for tournaments held within this cosy little pub. 22 Coach 4 13.08.17

A warm welcome and  giving the impression that nothing is too much trouble is a sure fire way of having a full pub…this old boy’s got the mix just right.

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