Turkish Delight In Coalville

24 New Inn 8 17.08.17 - Copy

It was a day of firsts for me in Coalville as I was given the full works by barber shop Turkish Hairlines (two doors down from pub on picture above) as well as venturing into the unknown pubwise!  Flaming cotton buds, nasal hair trimmers, specialist scissors for your brows, as well as a blade that looked incredibly threatening for my barnet were way beyond the call of duty for a balding fortysomething!

To be fair to Coalville, it doesn’t always get a red hot press; as a former mining town in Leicestershire it isn’t blessed with stunning scenery.  However, it has a mighty fine war memorial in the middle of the town known as the Clock Tower and as a Grade 11 listed building it is likely to survive far longer than most of the pubs in the surrounding areas

24 New Inn 1 17.08.17

The town has reinvented itself positively but this is definitely not a place for people seeking rolling countryside…think more urban beauty and you’re on the right lines.

Nevertheless, my newfound Turkish barber has set up home here and he was waxing lyrical about what a place Coalville was so, energised after a head massage completed my half an hour of grooming (for just £8), I headed off for a first visit to the 19 – Snibstone New Inn LE67 3PE.

24 New Inn 10 17.08.17

Thursday lunchtime isn’t a notoriously busy times for pubs but there were a few in and this, more than any other pub I’ve been to since I started blogging, was a ‘locals’ place.  Not quite to the levels of The Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London but if Rik Mayall and Brian Glover had been looking at me from the table opposite I wouldn’t have been surprised (apart from the obvious reasons of course – RIP a top actor and the funniest man of my youth).

Coalville Town FC scarves were pinned up behind the bar to add to the ‘local’ feel and, aside from a friendly barmaid; there wasn’t much in the way of eye contact from any of the regulars who were happily carrying on with their ‘pub banter.’

24 New Inn 3 17.08.17 - Copy

But, it wasn’t threatening and at £2.85 for a pint of pedigree there isn’t much to complain about (Leicestershire, so obligatory Marston’s glassware…see Ashby and Ravenstone posts previously)!  Sky TV, pool tables, a jukebox, DJ area and a dart board suggests this might well be a different kind of place at 8pm on a Friday night.

24 New Inn 2 17.08.17

However, we often bemoan the ‘death of backstreet boozers and whilst this is on the edge of town, it is more like a backstreet boozer than any backstreet boozer I have ever been in….and it’s alive and kicking

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