Two Breweries And A Pub On One Site…Staggering!

4 Tap House 4 31.07.17

Coventry’s finest band ever – no massive competition on that one (although I suspect all you King aficionados out there might be up for a debate, as who can forget that 80’s classic Love & Pride) once sang about pubs being closed down and a Ghost Town.

He was a perceptive bloke Jerry Dammers and I often think The Specials songs stand the test of time and maybe he realised a smoking ban, demographics, the healthier lifestyle police, pubcos and a host of other reasons would all contribute to fewer pubs in 2017?

Anyway, aside from the fact I like to mention The Specials at every available opportunity, why else am I wittering on about the song Ghost Town?  They were referring to the dearth of pubs and clubs in city centres (Coventry, to be precise) but it is clear that Jerry’s radar might be slightly off key here as you are more likely to see a boozer in a city centre than in a back street backwater.

4 Tap House 7 31.01.17

Smisby is a tiny village with a population in the 2011 Census coming in at a whopping 260 inhabitants so for it to support two pubs is a fine effort.

20 – The Tap House – LE65 2TA isn’t even in the centre of Smisby and whilst it’s signposted it’s off the beaten track a little but is a treasure when you get there4 Tap House 2 31.07.17

Not only is it home to The Tap House Brewery but Leatherbritches brewery are also brewing here…

4 Tap House 8 31.07.17

…whilst the pub is a cavernous building serving food and great outdoor areas to sit, including the first alfresco pool table this month!.

In fact, it’s got pretty much everything but it is never full…it’s never empty either but I’ve yet to see this place full to the brim, which is a shame and in the current climate a concern for Jerry Dammers too.

Granted 5pm on a Monday isn’t prime time and to actually be open on a Monday these days is an achievement and a good, but small, base of regulars included a man with a terrific amount of swearing at the bar and a girl talking to a couple about an Alsatian being called Scouse Dave!  The beer was excellent Ashbourne IPA (Leatherbritches) and I always feel this place needs to up sticks and move about three miles into Ashby as it would be packed out every night.

4 Tap House 1 31.07.17

Well worth a visit for a pint and a peek at the brewery.

4 Tap House 5 31.07.17

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