Memories In The Masons

30 Masons 1 19.08.17

Drinking in 25 – The Masons Arms B91 3ST for me, is like putting on a pair of comfy slippers as it is probably Solihull’s only real ‘local.’  Back in the late eighties, an era where pubs shut at 11 and clubs were your only option for a late drink then, living in Solihull, it was usually start at the Masons and then onto Rosie’s (bar & only nightclub in Solihull, now known as Luna!)

Getting a New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve ticket for entry into The Masons was a real boon back in the day (hard to believe I know), but it’s always retained the feel of a local with beermats, proper beer and attracting all ages.

30 Masons 4 19.08.17

Solihull has undergone all sorts of transformation since then such as the building of a massive shopping complex – Touchwood – and it is far more cosmopolitan now but The Masons is still a two-roomed boozer at the end of the High Street.

One of my work colleagues is often talking about cynefin, which he insists is a Welsh word for feeling the vibe and being relaxed in a certain environment and there is no doubt I was feeling a lot of cynefin in The Masons at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon

The pub was packed with a range of people who were either just about 18, twentysomethings or the usual throng of middle age men, particularly a loud group wearing a veritable array of wigs (I didn’t ask!)

30 Masons 2 19.08.17

However, the atmosphere was great and people were loud but funny, just what I remembered about The Masons almost thirty years ago!  A pint of Atlantic (Sharp’s) was only £2.85 as well, which means they are sticking at eighties prices!

Big screens all over the big back room with Jeff Stelling in full flow whilst the front room is slightly quieter (although not much) means there is a proper town centre atmosphere in this pub.

Solihull is guilty of having a lot of pubs that cater for just twentysomethings but this boozer is standing the test of time.

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