A Pint Of Vinegar With Your Chips Sir? Christmas Comes Early To Branston

28 Corner House 2 27.08.17

When is a local not a local?  I think I might have found the answer at the border of Burton and Branston on a sprawling industrial and retail park.

28 – The Corner House DE14 2WF is one of the Flaming Grill chain of pubs and I have been into a few of these before that are good local boozers.  However, this one is situated nowhere near any houses as far as I can see and whilst the gaffer is top class in terms of friendliness and trying to be all things to all men, I just don’t think it works as a ‘local.’

Actually, the biggest bugbear of mine is that it is on the Cask Marque trail and whilst I got another zap for my app to move closer to that prestigious t-shirt after 100 pubs (!) I saw little evidence of top notch beer.

28 Corner House 8 27.08.17

There were four pumps on – two from Greene King and two from Burton Bridge but the Stairway To Heaven (Burton Bridge) was pure vinegar.  To be fair to the gaffer, I took it back and he held it up to the light to check….he then agreed it smelt like vinegar and replaced it with an IPA (Greene King), which was distinctly average too.

If you are a pub that advertises yourself as selling good beer then you probably need to lessen your choice as I was in there over an hour with my lad, waiting for a bowl of chips (once again the gaffer was apologetic and a very nice chap…at least it meant we could build beermat pyramids…)

28 Corner House 9 27.08.17

…and I didn’t see anyone else have a cask ale.  Plenty of Lager and Guinness was being sunk, which is fine, but you probably need to cater for your market, as good locals always do.

There is free pool on a Monday, cash quiz night on a Tuesday, an over 18 area only (which was empty on a Sunday afternoon), live music, beermats, SKY/BT TV screens and even a children’s play area!

28 Corner House 10 27.08.17

Oh yes, and to top it off, Christmas dinners being advertised in August!!!  Maybe I caught it on a bad day, as a long wait for a bowl of chips and poor beer didn’t sell it to me at all.  However the place was tidy and welcoming and the gaffer was a thoroughly nice chap but, in a place like Burton with oodles of decent beer pubs, I won’t be rushing back.

28 Corner House 5 27.08.17

28 Corner House 4 27.08.17

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