West End Prices No Problem In Weston On Trent


Whoever said the price of beer was the reason people don’t go to pubs has obviously never been to Weston On Trent.

I can’t remember the last time I walked into a boozer, on a Sunday night, and saw so many people crammed into a bar.

People are often searching for that X-Factor but the 42- The Coopers Arms DE72 2BJ clearly has it in spades, if the local trade is anything to go by.


I can’t really call the Coopers a local even though it’s situated on the village green as its setting is jaw-dropping.

A behemoth of a venue, the bar is situated inside the 17th Century Weston Hall, that was  rescued and renovated in 1990 and been serving food and drink ever since.  A massive fishing lake is the view from the beer terrace at the front and it just looks grandiose;


they even sell their own home-made scratchings in tin foil containers, which is a blast from the past.

There was a christening on which may have helped numbers but most of those were eating or at the carvery in one of the three rooms but head downstairs to the bar and it was rammed; the bar staff looked stressed as it was service without a huge amount of interaction but I guess it was busy…

The only available seat was next to a big school of blokes who were playing a game of poker.  They had the full shebang with scorecards; chips (poker, not food) were playing on a casino style board and were clearly part of a club that meet at the Coopers.  Their atmosphere was funny as one guy was complaining of being robbed twice and they were set for the duration with a serious vaper in the middle who reminded me of Fred Trueman in his heyday!


I actually passed on the Bass (sorry Martin) and had pint of Bunny Hop (Purity) at a whopping £4.70. Yep, that’s right, downtown Derbyshire and nearly five quid for a pint.  It was good mind, but not sure it was that good…


Anyway, no one else seemed to mind and the atmosphere was genuinely the best I’ve seen for a while with a real crackle about the place

So, if you’re not sure how to make your pub the busiest in Derbyshire on a Sunday night then the answer is simple…adopt the Veblen effect and your goods (in this case a pint) will be snapped up!

It works as I will come back here as this is a pub for couples, families, drinkers and diners…they’ve got it just about right.


2 thoughts on “West End Prices No Problem In Weston On Trent

  1. Good post (and point). A combination of price, atmosphere, decent beer (and possibly food) and perhaps, scenery (i.e. having a lake to look at) are the defining criteria. Something all of us should keep in mind.

    And from that photo at the top that place looks like a bloody castle! Are we sure that lake didn’t use to be a moat? 🙂


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