A Night With The Stars In Lichfield

Queens Head 12.09.17 (2)

One of the joys of visiting pubs is that you never know exactly who you are going to bump into.  If you go for a drink in Lichfield, for example, on a Tuesday night then there is a good chance you will see absolutely no one you know.

On the other hand…you can also bump into a bloke you haven’t seen for the best part of a decade when you stumble, unbeknown into his local for a pint with your pal!

Going off at a tangent, I can’t quite see the attraction of drinking at home as (a) you know what’s going to happen (b) you know what you’re going to drink and (c) the only exceptions are house parties or barbeques (which, strictly speaking are outside)

Anyway, moving back to Lichfield and the aforementioned man in question…  After walking into 48- Queen’s Head WS13 6QD, which is a one-roomed boozer on the outskirts of the city centre, I was met with a double take moment by the bloke having a fag outside.

I then proceeded to have half an hour of quality humour with a man who does a neat line in impressions, albeit of a certain genre and era (!), but if you like Midlands’ football then it was a scream!

Queens Head 12.09.17 (14)

Both I and my pal were royally entertained with stories and impressions of, in no particular order Paul Merson, Graham Taylor, David O’Leary, Steve Bruce, Jeff Kenna and Gabby Agbonlahor and I had arguably the best 40 minutes in a boozer I’ve had for a long time.  I could have course have stopped in and sent him a message on social media about what a great drink I was having but, and this is the point, social interaction is more important than any pint of beer.

However, I would add that the Sunbeam (Banks’s) was in good order and top class.

Queens Head 12.09.17

That was our final stop off for evening as earlier, my friend, who doesn’t do impressions but it is equally good value and I had discovered a cracking little pub in close proximity

I might not be a GBG ticker but I reckon I’m starting to suss out this pre-emptive lark!   Having hazarded a guess that Beerbohm was in the GBG I would have said the best pub I visited on the night was 49 – The Horse And Jockey WS13 6QA.

Horse 12.09.17 (4)

My ever reliable font of knowledge (Martin) has subsequently confirmed that this is a 2018 Lichfield entry and it is easy to see why.  It is also fair to say CAMRA don’t get it wrong very often with their choice of pubs for the GBG.

It was a pub that was incredibly busy for a Tuesday night and appears to have that X Factor needed to drag punters in.

I don’t mind if a pub has one or ten ales on but the selection here was jaw-dropping and I genuinely needed about five minutes to choose my pint.

Dreamer (Abbeydale) won out in the end but this place had the mix just about right.

Horse 12.09.17 (3)

There was a snug and games room (darts board) at the back of the pub whilst the main area was full of people either chatting or watching the sports screens (only two and with the sound low) as Manchester United strolled to victory in a Champions League game.

There were people of all ages in here and it is clear to see that Michael Fabricant’s boast (see previous posts) about Lichfield turning into Staffordshire’s equivalent of Las Vegas at night time has at least an element of truth.

Horse 12.09.17 (2)

Certainly, for a Tuesday evening this city had  pubs that were seriously full and that has to be good.  A night with stars in Lichfield…Fabricant can use that as his next soundbite!


4 thoughts on “A Night With The Stars In Lichfield

  1. Very artistic photo at the top. 🙂

    The Horse and Jockey does indeed look like a goodun; and I am a fan of the sports being low in volume if it’s on.

    As for your tangent:

    “Going off at a tangent, I can’t quite see the attraction of drinking at home as (a) you know what’s going to happen (b) you know what you’re going to drink”

    Owing to geography and lack of social acquaintances I do drink at home a fair bit. But…

    a) I usually pour my beer and get online to read blogs (such as this one). I have no idea what I’m going to run across. 🙂

    I also get online with a beer to Skype with my brother in France, or to socialize with folks I know from gaming online. We have a chat room where sometimes it will be a good dozen or so in there. Most of them are in the US but there are some from down under and once in a while from across the pond. Not the same as in person but I can tell I’m enjoying myself at times as the beer tends to go down quicker.


    b) a quick peek in my fridge show 15 different types of beer (usually it’s around 10 different types). It depends on my mood what I’ll decide to have. 🙂

    But bottom line, I agree socializing in a pub is preferable, all things considered.


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    1. A very eloquent and well balanced counter argument though!!!! Your fridge sounds like my type of fridge….Some good points raised due to geography and reading a blog I guess is a bit like reading a paper in the pub?


  2. “A very eloquent and well balanced counter argument though!”
    Ta. 🙂

    “Your fridge sounds like my type of fridge.”
    Good man. 🙂

    To be fair, most of those are only two or three bottles/cans. But it’s definitely (for me anyway) my mood or circumstances that affects what I’ll drink. For example, if I don’t want to drink too quickly I’ll have a sour, while if I know I’ve got a few hours (and nothing I need to drive to afterwards) I’ll go full bore on my favourite bitter. 🙂

    “reading a blog I guess is a bit like reading a paper in the pub?”
    Heh, never thought of it that way. But yes, that is a good analogy.


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