Motorbikin’ In Heather

Crown 21.08.17 (35)


“I want all the world to see, to see you’re laughing, and you’re laughing at me
I can take it all from you, again again again again, again again again and deeper and down
Down down deeper and down, Down down deeper and down, Down down deeper and down.”

I defy anyone to walk into a pub with that song on and not be hit by the feelgood factor.  By no stretch of the imagination am I a big Quo fan but, I reckon if I played that song to any age group (within reason), someone would either be nodding their head or at least tapping their foot.

I knew I was going to like the 50th pub of this blog when I pulled up and saw a Kawasaki motor cycle embedded in the roof of 50 – The Crown LE67 2QP.

Crown 21.08.17 (32)

The half century was brought up in style in Heather (pronounced Heether apparently) as it’s not every day you see a sign saying Bikers and families welcome at a pub…

Crown 21.08.17 (39)

..but this sign on the door is possibly more of a talking point in 2017!

Crown 21.08.17 (1)

The decor and memorabilia in this boozer is fantastic and, with a friendly gaffer allied to Capitol Gold in the background, it meant that despite the fact there were only four other people in here, it still felt welcoming.  However, this was just after five on a Thursday and the place had only been open half an hour…

Crown 21.08.17 (19)

The wall art was different too…Crown 21.08.17 (18)

in all of the rooms…

Crown 21.08.17 (8)

There is definitely a bikers theme throughout this place and the toilet doors are the best I’ve seen since blogging life began whilst there are three separate drinking areas in what appears to be very much a wet led pub…(I clearly didn’t go in this toilet!)

Crown 21.08.17 (27)

Two decent staple East Midlands beers on as well, proving less can be more, Bass and Pedigree…it was a tough choice but…..Crown 21.08.17 (13)

This has the feel of a pub full of TLC and character. Whether it is the hanging baskets outside, cleanliness of the venue, the care taken over sourcing and keeping all the memorabilia or the quality of the Bass (very quaffable), this place is good.

The old adage use it or lose it springs to mind as it wasn’t full but, as I said, it had only been open half an hour and there are plenty of chimney pots in this part of Leicestershire.

The Church of St John dominates the village and even the local football team (Heather St John – Midland Football League – ground capacity 1,500) are named after the imposing listed building.

Crown 21.08.17 (42)

It is hard to believe this was once mining territory, as there is so much woodland and green spaces in this region nowadays and, with houses springing up everywhere, then I hope, the future is bright for a place like this.

Imagine how good this place would have been if I’d have walked into the dulcet tones of Joe Strummer and Tommy Gun…now there’s a song to make an entrance to!

5 thoughts on “Motorbikin’ In Heather

  1. Martin is going to swoon when he sees the memorabilia… not to mention what you had for a pint. 🙂

    As for the bike embedded in the roof… pfft. They stole that idea from The Oxford in Bristol:

    And congrats on the half century pub wise.


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