The Big Five O

6A - The Black Boy Knowle

I’ve reached the half century of pubs and it’s probably time to pay respect to the Bloggers who, possibly unbeknown to them, have helped me put pen to paper (or keyboard to word document to be more precise).

Firstly – whose quest to visit every GBG, offbeat style and shared love of Bass is a must read on a daily basis. is a real champion of the cause and I find myself agreeing with him on most issues (although I suspect he’d rather have an argument!) .  The smoking ban and his promotion of the Drinkers voice are top class along with his advocacy of Stockport as a drinking mecca…I need to visit! write thought provoking blogs and I have to say I think I am at stage 5 of their beer geek appraisal in that I am still at the exciting stage and therefore blogging about it.

Pubmeister aka writes some top class blogs and covers some miles in pursuit of the amber nectar.  He also receives top marks for praising Birmingham to the hilt as it really is better than people give it credit for! is always good value with his blogs about the quirks of public transport and his ability to people watch in pubs whilst travelling the length and breadth of the country in one of those never ending races with Duncan and Martin to try and finish the GBG before the new edition materialises. Tandleman, for talking sense but also recently posting about how archaic it was to expect beer to be served at room temperature…a top notch CAMRA man I suspect….

Also, a big thumbs up for the Derby Telegraph’s Beer Hunter, Colston Crawford. He is a huge advocate of great pubs, great beer and a font of knowledge.

My blog draws ideas from all of the aforementioned beer bloggers and tries to be a little different if possible.  I have enjoyed visiting all sorts of pubs and there have been some classics and some bang average ones…

Here is a list of my favourite bits of Midlands pubs so far…

Best Toilet Door Award = The Crown (50) – Heather

Best Toilet Wall Decoration = Smithy’s Marina Bar (47) Shardlow

Best Pint – Angel Inn (44) – Lichfield

Best Hanging Basket = The Brickmakers Arms – (5) Newton Solney / = Craven Arms (23) – Birmingham

Busiest Pub On A Saturday Night Award = The Dragon (15) Willington

Busiest Pub On A Sunday Night Award = The Coopers Arms (42) – Weston On Trent

Pub With Best ‘Locals’ = Plume Of Feathers (35) – Shirley

Most ‘Local’ Local = Snibstone New Inn (19) –  Coalville

Best Beermat = The Black Boy (10) – Knowle

I will always try and visit some of the ‘unloved’ pubs that aren’t necessarily on tourist destinations but still serving up either a decent pint, a decent atmosphere, or a meeting point for the community to prove there is life after football!!!


6B - The Black Boy Knowle

8 thoughts on “The Big Five O

  1. Enjoyed reading this little review, made me chuckle and congrats on big 5-0 and hope to meet you in a BRAPA pub one day, gonna be focussing more on Midlands soon! Xx

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