This Is The Modern World


“I don’t give a damn about your reviews,” said Weller (Paul) back in 1977 as he was delivering his teen angst anthem The Modern World on The Jam’s second album of the same name.

Actually, on the album version his choice of words would nowadays ensure a parental advisory sticker on the front (if anyone actually bought them anymore as opposed to downloading them for free, that is).

Back in the late seventies a dodgy review in the NME, Melody Maker or Sounds could fatally impact on your burgeoning music career and as Weller, Buckler and Foxton (The Jam, if you really don’t know) were still in their pre All Mod Cons era, and therefore not at the peak of their powers, they picked up a few less than complimentary reviews in the press.

Ironic really, as I recently walked into a bar that prides itself on The Modfather  56- Wellers ST5 1PR, and has a review page on Facebook.


I reckon this is a cracking little boozer and part of the very new Modern World of Newcastle Under Lyme, which appears to have craft shops and bottle shops galore in amongst the Bricks And Mortar of this Potteries market town.


99% of their reviews have been fantastic, unsurprisingly, as I thought it was a great little place but there is one absolute stinker.  The sort of feedback Gary Bushell used to give a Thompson Twins gig back in the music pages of Sounds in the eighties.

Anyway, social media has many positives as well as negatives but, to set the record straight, this is a pub that is well worth visiting and not only for the Weller references.

You may have noticed I have slipped in a few Jam song titles already but this Weal Ales Tap house really delivers top notch beer.


It was early Thursday afternoon so only another three people aside from me; however, it is a small venue therefore that can constitute a decent atmosphere and there was plenty of chat with sausage oatcakes the main topic of conversation!  I also had a cracking drop of Sqweal (Weal) that was up there with the best cool, crisp beers I’ve had since blogging life began at just £3.

weal ales

As well as Weal Ales there was also Beavertown and Pravha on so it caters for all and the barmaid was good value, very chatty and waxing lyrical about Weller.

Next door to the boozer it looked like there was an Art School show, such was the quality of street art…


which was also on display in a lot of boarded up shops…


so I can see why these new bars are breathing life into Newcastle.

Yes, it was market day but I have to say, the market looked like it had reached its sell-by date.  Stalls selling bundles of old Whizzer and Chips or retro Jim Reeves vinyl records are unlikely to drag the punters back into Newcastle Under Lyme.

Wellers, on the other hand just might, as whilst it is a micro pub, it plays music and it is not ‘an off the peg one size fits all kind of model’ like I have seen on numerous occasions.

In Newcastle it could become The Place I Love and ensure that excellent beers aren’t Going Underground but being showcased here, which is a Start!

3 thoughts on “This Is The Modern World

  1. “(The Jam, if you really don’t know)”
    I didn’t, but then I Googled them and I do know them; A Town Called Malice is one of my faves (probably from the movie Billy Elliot). 🙂

    I looked up Weal Ales and had a chuckle; great name for a microbrewery (not to mention Sqweal). LOL

    I thought RM would swoon at the sight of the local “art”.

    In all honesty it looks a cracking pub. Not like a country “beams and horseshoes” style to be sure, but in these modern times it looks a winner.


    PS – “that was up there with the best cool, crisp beers I’ve had since blogging life began at just £3.”

    So… been blogging for two weeks then? (j/k) 🙂

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