Markfield Boozer Gets The (Ron) Seal Of Approval

Coach 01.10.17 (15)

“Does what it says on the tin…” was how the Ronseal advert used to sell its product as a no nonsense, know what you’re getting tin of wood stain.

It started in the nineties and then became a colloquial saying that is now as much a part of the English language as #hashtag and selfie.

It is fair to say, and this isn’t being negative, that most Everards pubs “do what it says on the tin” and 61 -Coach And Horses LE67 9RF, is no exception to the rule.

The A50 is a road that stretches from Leicester all the way to Stoke so there is plenty of scope for pubs (although it’s still not as good as the A514 for boozers) and The Coach is a big roadside/village pub on that stretch of tarmac in Markfield.

It is a local pub but is very much food led to the left, with a whopping new restaurant extension and drinks led to the right.Coach 01.10.17  (1).jpg

I had my daughter in tow on a Sunday at about 12.30 after yet another gymnastics marathon competition and food was order of the day.  However, even at that time we couldn’t get a table as we hadn’t booked as it was so popular; that must be good news for this local pub.

We ended up turning right and found very tidy drinks area with smart décor, dartboard (they have a team)

Coach 01.10.17 (22)

and easily the best staircase of 2017 in a place that was perfectly happy to let you have a drink.

Coach 01.10.17 (33)

Yes, there is a flourishing food section (it was packed) but this pub didn’t feel as though you were getting in the way if you just had a drink and whilst there were infinitely less people in this side of the pub, it remained a focal point and clearly important to the landlord.  Coach 01.10.17 (16)

They have open mic nights, cheese nights, darts nights, a pub quiz and all the events you would associate with a local boozer, so they clearly value local trade.

They also serve a decent pint too as my Sunchaser (Everards) did the trick.  Seeing as we’d parked up I thought I may as well try a swift beer before heading off to a fast food emporium!

Coach 01.10.17 (25)

This is a relatively short post but it’s another pub in the Midlands that I would definitely visit again as it sells good beer, is welcoming and, by the amount of people in its restaurant, the food must be decent too.

This is best described as a good solid local boozer that appears to be thriving and not turning its back on drinkers.

Coach 01.10.17 (19)

4 thoughts on “Markfield Boozer Gets The (Ron) Seal Of Approval

  1. I had to look up Ronseal (not living in the UK). When I first saw the title I thought (Ron) Seal of Approval was an indication of your first name and the pub getting a thumbs up from you. 🙂

    “(although it’s still not as good as the A514 for boozers)”
    Perish the thought!

    Love the stairs. And good on them for not ignoring the drinkers in favour of the restaurant folk.


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