Leicestershire Pub Of The Year Contender #1

New Inn 12.10.17 (12)

One of the joys of pub blogging is that you never quite know what you are going to get (unless of course you go to a Farmhouse Inns boozer – then you know exactly what’s coming!)

Quite often there are tell-tale signs that a pub is in good health or a little bit special as was the case as I entered Peggs Green.

This is a tiny hamlet in Leicestershire with not many people living there but all of those in the vicinity appear to be flocking to 67- The New Inn  LE67 8JE.

I couldn’t park on the car park as Clive’s Jerk Kitchen was doing a roaring trade and, as a novel way of offering your punters pub grub, this is top class.

On stepping inside I couldn’t believe it was a Thursday night as I couldn’t move and the bar was absolutely packed.  But it was an absolute gem of a place and I subsequently find out that the same family have owned it for around  40 years. It has the feel of a fantastic local pub with lots of ‘banter’ flying about with an off-duty barmaid/family member coming in for lots of good natured stick which she returned in spades!

The breweriana in this place has to be seen to be believed and I couldn’t really do it justice as it was full but if you check their website out you’ll get some idea of what a classic old place this is.

New Inn 12.10.17 (3)

Pub grub consists of different themes including a mobile fish and chip shop, pizzas, aforementioned jerk chicken and ‘Pete’s pies’ or even order a takeaway but this is definitely a family pub that focuses on drinking and the local community.

However, I now have a confession to make that might get me banned from the PBU (Pub Bloggers Union) forever more.   Here are the mitigating circumstances before fellow pub bloggers reach their decision:   (a) It was three deep at the bar when I arrived and I didn’t see the little chalk board (b) I’d never been here before and was looking at the amazing selection of breweriana all over the walls and ceiling (c) I wanted to get served and (d) Pedigree (Marston’s) is always a good choice and I decided on that rather than an Adnams…

New Inn 12.10.17 (8)

But, as the confessional booth approaches, I missed out on BASS FROM A JUG!  I spotted it too late as the Pedigree was in my hand.  I realise that ignoring Bass from a Jug as an option is right up there alongside Sir Alf Ramsey’s decision to take Bobby Charlton off in the 1970 World Cup quarter final against West Germany… I promise to drink in a Farmhouse Inn again as penance.

Anyway, aside from the fact this place had great beer on, the Pedi was top notch; it was fantastic to be in a pub that had such a good atmosphere and one that prides itself on a “warm Irish welcome.”

But, undoubtedly the most important piece of news was yet to come.  In fact, it wasn’t until I was undertaking a bit of research did I unearth the fact Birmingham City’s record goalscorer hails from Peggs Green.

Joe Bradford, who cost Blues the sum of £125 in 1920 when they signed him from Peggs Green Victoria FC went on to score 267 goals in 445 appearances as well as seven goals in 12 games for England.  Arguably more importantly, his brother was the landlord of the New Inn for many year as well which, in my eyes, cements the reputation of this top notch boozer as one of the best in Leicestershire!

A cracking place with an atmosphere that many pubs would kill for…let’s hope it stays within this family for another 40 years as it an absolutely wonderful place.

New Inn 12.10.17  (11).jpg


5 thoughts on “Leicestershire Pub Of The Year Contender #1

  1. “I missed out on BASS FROM A JUG! ”
    I think only one pub blogger will try to get you banned for that oversight… but in your favour at least he now knows a new place in which to have Bass from a jug. 🙂

    “let’s hope it stays within this family for another 40 years as it an absolutely wonderful place.”
    Hear, hear!


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