Time For A Break Time For A KitKat Time For A Pint…In Hatton

Railway Hatton 12.10.17 (12)

Is it Cheerios to the pub culture in Hatton?  Like a pack of Rolos, do residents love their beer enough to save the last pub?   Are the pubs Smarties enough to survive?

OK, that’s quite enough Nestle puns for any post but the local economy of Hatton must be delighted that Nestle keep on investing in their Hatton plant.

According to the gaffer of the 66- Railway Inn DE65 5DW there have been about an extra 1,000 workers employed in the past three years and he has quite a few of them coming in for a pint at about 6pm, clocking off time.

Railway Hatton 12.10.17 (9)

A lot of the pubs, particularly in places like Birmingham, that were based around a factory workers culture have long since disappeared but this little boozer, literally next door to the huge behemoth that is Nestle’s main factory (Along with their base in York) feels like an old school factory workers pub.

Despite Nestle pumping in pounds to the local economy it doesn’t look quite as healthy for the local pub scene with the Railway Tavern covered in To Let signs from the infamous New River Retail (Marston’s arm of the Co-Op) whilst The Castle Hotel is up for sale.

Aside from the Dovecote Social Club this leaves the door open for The Railway Inn to thrive and survive and it has all the ingredients….apart from from an R and an A on its signage! (see above)

Houses, a huge factory employing thousands of people, based in the centre of the village and….wait for it… (Drum roll)…it sells Bass!

Railway Hatton 12.10.17 (4)

The Railway Inn also has a very chatty and friendly gaffer, which is handy as when I popped in on a Thursday afternoon there was only me, him and two other punters in there.

Which makes me think where exactly are the residents of Hatton going for a swift half?  There is also a fully functioning train station within a ten second walk as well so, in terms of position, estate agents would be falling over themselves to accentuate the positives of this location.

Maybe the huge Nescafe building has turned everyone into a town of coffee drinkers?  Maybe the good people of Hatton are crossing over the River Dove to go into the slightly more upmarket village of Tutbury?

I don’t know the answer but it looks as though The Railway Inn is almost the last man standing in Hatton and a community like Hatton needs a pub.  The Bass was good, the landlord was chatty and I even learned about Cask Marque,

He told me he was a member last year but, for £150, couldn’t see the point and the fact his beer was still spot on would lead me to agree!

They only had one ale on but that is perfect.  Why would you want any more when the client base isn’t clamouring for it…actually the client base in Hatton doesn’t appear to be clamouring for much alcohol at present!

Perhaps it is the honey pot that is known as The Salt Box, award winning transport café on the edge of the village that pulls in the punters?  However, I’d like to see the Railway Inn at clocking off time as I would hope it’s a totally different animal  with workers having a pint after their shift ends whilst watching the TV and having a chat/playing pool/darts, all of which is possible here…or am I just harking back to a different time?

Railway Hatton 12.10.17 (2)

9 thoughts on “Time For A Break Time For A KitKat Time For A Pint…In Hatton

  1. I guess many of the workers no longer live within walking distance of this, and other similar factories. The more responsible will not wish to consume any alcohol before they drive home, a factor which has had an impact on many pubs.

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      1. I agree Richard makes a very good point. The “local” workers may not be that local and need to get to/from work via auto.

        Still… a pub (about the only one left?) in the middle of the village does indeed make one wonder where everyone goes (or, alas, that we are all getting older – sigh).


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  2. I have done three pubs i Hatton, i did The Castle Hotel and Railway Inn on the 1st July 1993,both Bass tied houses,i did The Railway Tavern on the 23rd May 2009,it was a smart Marstons tied house,surprised that it has closed down.
    I did all pubs in Tutbury on the 1st July 1993.

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  3. “apart from from an R and an A on its signage! (see above)”

    Heh. When I saw that photo my first thought was “why is he showing a pub from Wales?” 🙂


    PS – “Despite Nestle pumping in pounds to the local economy it doesn’t like quite as healthy ”
    I think that “like” near the end should be “look”.

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