Full Steam Ahead For The Ragley Boat Stop

Ragley Boat 14.10.17  (17).jpg

Location Location  Location.  Whilst Channel 4 property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer spend many an hour searching the country for the perfect location for a house, as far as pubs go, a canalside destination is an absolute winner.

At least it should be; I can imagine Allsopp and Spencer almost exploding with excitement if they were trying to flog a pub to potential owners that was on a canal.  Nevertheless, as this blog has proven, irrespective of location, a pub can be as good or as bad as its owners and the quality of its beer.

However, if you are next to a canal then you certainly have a headstart in terms of location as, unequivocally, sitting in a beer garden, drinking a pint and watching boats meander past is one of Britain’s greatest relaxing pastimes.

Ragley Boat 14.10.17 (11)

So, if you are a pub by the canal you just need to work out your target audience and bingo!

68- Ragley Boat Stop DE73 7FY has obviously worked out its target audience and seems to be ticking along very nicely indeed perched, as it is, alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal.    Whilst the address says it is in the village of Barrow-On-Trent, it is arguably closer to Sinfin but, as Allsopp and Spencer would concur, location, or at least perceived location is everything!

Meals for £4.50 between 12-5 six days a week along with decent beer prices, I paid £3.30 for a cracking pint of Best Bitter (Theakstons) that was obviously very well kept, mean it isn’t going to break the bank for a family.

However, this isn’t the sort to place that attracts the Jack Wills/Crew/White Stuff brigade and if I was going to compare it to another canalside boozer then I would say it reminds me of the Black Boy in Knowle (pub 10)

I arrived at around 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and whilst it was by no means packed to the rafters there was a decent steady trade of both drinkers and diners and there was a vast expanse of grass at the back to watch the world go by.

Ragley Boat 14.10.17  (22).jpg

The barman also got his priorities right as there was a lad with a cracking baseball cap on who kept asking him for change for a tenner to play on the fruit machine and he made him wait whilst he served us drinkers!!!

It’s part of a chain that I’ve not heard of before – King Henry’s Taverns – and this is a smart and clean place, slightly off the beaten track but clearly surviving and thriving and the beer was excellent

Well worth a visit if you’re either on the water, in your car, or on one of Derbyshire’s many walks and looking for a relaxing pint.

Ragley Boat 14.10.17  (4).jpg

6 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead For The Ragley Boat Stop

  1. Good grief, I go away for the weekend (still am) and suddenly you’re Peter Post A Lot. 🙂

    Quite agree a pub by water (canal or river first, then bay or ocean after that) gives them a leg up on the competition. Add to that good beer and this one seems a cracker (the Best Bitter doesn’t hurt as bitters are my go to beer right now).

    I’ll get around to the other posts when I get home sometime in the next 24 hours.


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  2. Another pub on my to do list.
    I think King Henry Taverns appeal to older people who like dining on the cheap,no problem with that and i have done a few of them and always very busy with diners and drinkers a lot older than me (55).
    I may be getting the pub group wrong but i did a pub in Leicestershire that was a blast from the past,packed on a Saturday dinner and most over 70,we wished it had Watneys Red barrel on the bar to make it seem proper,shame there was a real ale on which spoiled the whole visit.

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