A Tale Of Tobie Not Toby In Stamford

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I’d never been to Stamford before and when Mrs BB suggested we visit a Toby I had visions of a cheap and cheerful carvery for myself, the kids and Mrs BB.

In one of her previous roles Mrs BB spent a good stint nursing at at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and remarkably used to travel over to Stamford for a night out on occasions.

Anyway, it was soon plain to see that Stamford is unlikely to possess any of the Toby’s that are prevalent in other parts of the Midlands although it does possess a fair few boozers.

Nevertheless, after a week on holiday with the kids Mrs BB had her mind set on one final stop off, which happened to be  77 – The Tobie Norris PE9 2BE.

tobie 20.10. 17 (14)

It’s a cracking looking pub with nooks, crannies, rooms tucked away over three floors and breweriana galore.

tobie 20.10. 17 (5)

Actually, if you look at their website it suggests kids should be long gone by 8pm and kept away from bar areas so whilst it was happy to serve our ankle biters this was no Toby Carvery and clearly keen to maintain a ‘pub’ atmosphere.

tobie 20.10. 17  (3).jpg

Mrs BB loved it and it was hard not to argue as the barman was friendly and helpful and the Knead Pub Co have clearly spent a large sum of money restoring this 13th Century building, which was absolutely packed with drinkers and diners at about 1pm on a Friday.

tobie 20.10. 17  (8).jpg

Stamford clearly has some disposable income to spend and this place has tapped into a willing market and was thriving.

It also had a tidy selection of beers on and I had a very decent JHB (Oakham) whilst I learned something new about the current parlance relating to sandwiches.

My kids both had a ‘closed’ sandwich whilst I went for the ‘open’ sandwich option, which was more expensive, and discovered that ‘open’ actually means it arrives on one slice of bread!

tobie 20.10. 17 (9)

However, the food was excellent but it should be as four sandwiches, four drinks and two bowls of chips came to an eye-watering £64.50!

Nevertheless, it had a cracking atmosphere and whilst our children were more than welcome, it is not really a kids pub, which will please most beer bloggers!

A good pub that is at the top end of the market price wise and a second barman looked at me like I was talking German when I asked for a beermat with my drink.   However, it is most definitely a place I would visit again and Mrs BB was a massive advocate.

tobie 20.10. 17 (10)

13 thoughts on “A Tale Of Tobie Not Toby In Stamford

  1. “It’s a cracking looking pub with nooks, crannies, rooms tucked away over three floors and breweriana galore.”

    I think I’m in love. 🙂

    “However, the food was excellent but it should be as four sandwiches, four drinks and two bowls of chips came to an eye-watering £64.50!”

    Oof! Definitely one of those where you order a pint and merely walk around discovering all of the nooks and crannies. 😉


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  2. Surprised to hear you had never been to Stamford before, as, along with towns like Ludlow and Tewkesbury, it really is one of the jewels of the Midlands. Plus, according to Martin Taylor, quite a decent pub town too, which isn’t the case for all historic towns.

    And it contains Sam Smiths’ fruit beer brewery in the former Melbourns premises.

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    1. That is remarkably good knowledge Russ 👏👏 I’m a relative novice compared to Martin, Mudgie, Duncan and Richard as most of my pub haunts have been either Derbyshire Burton or Brum… Cheers for the comments Russ as nice to know it’s being read!! 🍺🍺🍺


      1. And now he’s repeating himself. Forget about aiming to rectify that before he’s 60… he’s acting like he’s already 60! 😅

        Cheers! 🍺

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  3. I reckon it’s worth paying a few quid to visit the Tobie, more interesting than many National Trust places. The Knead chain (places in Newark, Oakham and Bourne also good) are expensive but pizzas worth the money. Stamford is a livelier place than you’d think if you just visit the Tobie !

    Where’sthe Sunny Hunny posts ?!

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    1. Stamford looks like a top night out to be fair…lots of pubs, lots of disposable income and too far to travel anywhere else so I reckon its packed…..I’m sticking to the Midlands (aside from that one off London post) so no sunny Hunny this time! Finally got a bit of Notts up my sleeve though from last week!


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