Pubs Galore On The A514…No Thanks To Lidl

Rose 21.10.17  (8).jpg

I love it when a local boozer takes on the corporate might of both Marston’s and Lidl and appears to win!

I’ve already waxed lyrical about the merits of the A514 from Swadlincote to Derby on this blog so it will come as no surprise to see that I’ve unearthed another little drinking den on arguably the best stretch of road in Derbyshire.

Mind you, 78 – The Rose And Crown DE73 5UA has been under the cosh for a while now with the two-pronged attack from both its owners and Lidl who seem determined to knock it down and build a supermarket in its place.

Rose 21.10.17 (9)

Chellaston, where this pub is situated, is relatively well stocked for pubs but there are plenty of houses and with a Co-Op directly opposite and a Tesco Express about 300 yards up the road it doesn’t appear to be short of supermarkets either.

It is currently a solid Marston’s 2-1 style pub which sells food, has a cracking beer garden, pool table, darts board and arguably more people drinking than dining but always has a decent atmosphere in with a healthy smattering of proper ‘locals’

It’s a well-documented story across many parts of England…pubco decides to sell pub for profit to supermarket as it’s in a  prime position irrespective of how successful that pub is.

This battle’s been running for a while with the Chellaston Residents Association acquiring an ACV in July 2015 and Marston’s not keen on selling the property off to them as a going concern.


The latest application by Lidl in July was refused by the city council so it appears as though The Rose and Crown, which has been there since 1753 in one form or another, will carry on for the time being.

I think it is fantastic that a section of the community can be galvanised and succeed (albeit temporarily) in taking on a corporate giant with huge financial backing.

Big credit to a guy called Roy Witherley who has been the driving force behind this and as long as enough people still care about pubs then the future is bright for them as they will exist in some way, shape or form.

Rose 21.10.17  (6).jpg

At 12.15 on a Saturday afternoon there were a fair few punters in, which is good news and at £1.25 for a half of top class Pedigree (Marston’s) then it is certainly stating its case in terms of quality and price of beer.

Rose 21.10.17 (4)

It’s in a cracking position and whilst there are three or four pubs nearby, I can think of other candidates who are nowhere near as popular as this one.

So, at present, the Chellaston Residents Association is beating Lidl Supermarkets 1-0!  However, experience would suggest that there is still a great deal of extra time to be played before the result is officially recognised…

Credit for title of this post to Russ…Cheers pal.

Rose 21.10.17 (9)


10 thoughts on “Pubs Galore On The A514…No Thanks To Lidl

  1. “Credit for title of this post to Russ…Cheers pal.”

    My 15 minutes of fame. 😊

    Will write more later. Currently on phone awaiting free parcel pickup by Canada Post and then the Halloween kiddies will start arriving shortly after. 👻 🎃


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  2. Pedi at £2.50 a pint, and it does look good. You seem to have an unlimited supply of proper pubs that get enough beer sold to keep ticking over without gimmicks like 10 hand pumps or craft keg. Not the norm round here.

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  3. “I think it is fantastic that a section of the community can be galvanised and succeed (albeit temporarily) in taking on a corporate giant with huge financial backing.”

    Wholeheartedly agree. The pub, for most of those like us :), is an integral part of the community. Well done any group that tries to do the same in their community.

    For example:

    As Paul Bailey mentions here:

    As Martin mentions here:

    As Si mentions here (1025, George & Dragon):

    And finally as Mudgie mentions being a shareholder in a community-owned pub here:

    Power to the people! 🙂


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  4. Same old story. The Pubcos are very reluctant to sell premises to what essentially will be competition for their other pubs in the area. Hence they are happy to sell to supermarkets, developers, but not to anyone who wants to run the premises as a pub, community buyout or whatever. If you put yourself in their shoes it’s easy to see why – the pub is closed/struggling through lack of business and to sell it to a competitor will have the same effect on their other premises in the locality. I don’t think, or maybe they do, know that an independent operator will do a better job than them, but we all know that they will.

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