Searching For A Knighthood in Swad

Forresters 09.11.17 (2)

With lobbying for a knighthood for me for “Services to One Beer Suburban Pubs With Trash TV” then I thought it only right and proper to add one more to the list.

I suspect that Martin will need some kind of inducement to lobby really strongly on my behalf (Bass from the jug should do it) but there is no doubt that Derbyshire specialises in these kind of boozers.

Not necessarily with trash TV but certainly little pubs with one real ale on that is usually well kept and possesses a good, earthy atmosphere.

For example, pubs like 88 – The Foresters Arms DE11 8JA which is situated in the middle of Swadlincote High Street.

Forresters 09.11.17 (11)

I know Martin and mention the importance of mobility scooters in view when gauging just how good a pub is, well this one has a shop next door so surely that must give it a massive seal of approval!

Forresters 09.11.17 (16)

Swadlincote is a town but with high street shops consisting of mobility scooters, vaping and computer repairs then it is no surprise to find this is very much a locals pub.  No one would regard Swadlincote as a tourist attraction kind of town but it does possess a dry ski slope and a cinema so the possibilities on a night out are endless…

I went in on a Thursday afternoon and a very long bar was well populated with lively locals (over 20 were in there), pool table, dart board, fruit machines and, of course, a TV with some nondescript music channel on in the background (all the people were at the other end of the bar and lounge!)

Forresters 09.11.17 (6)

A quick peek at the Swadlincote and District Pool League tells you that The Foresters are pretty much top of the pile in Division One so it’s probably a good idea not to take on any of the local bandits.

It has an industrial past with mining very much part of its heritage and this is a town that prides itself on being no-nonsense so I wasn’t disappointed with the language at the bar!  I’m not sure how many Scots live in Swad but there were a duo of  vastly differing ages at the bar and with a repertoire of words straight of an Irvine Welsh novel. Bobby and his female companion were talking about how phones, phone companies, phone contracts, call centres, admin support and pretty much everything else associated with phones were s***e (in a Franco Begbie style accent).

Forresters 09.11.17 (7)

However, they were friendly in between popping out for a smoke and there was, once again, a good range of ages in here from twenties through to seventies in a place where people felt comfortable.

It looks like the sort of pub people have been coming to for years and I don’t think people from Swad generally migrate too far away from their home town, which has its positives and negatives.

However, and this is why these pubs are absolute gems, the Pedigree (Marston’s) was absolute nectar.  £3.00 for a pint as good as you would find in any GBG pub and they obviously know their market.

Forresters 09.11.17 (9)

The majority of punters were on Carling so to keep a pint this good is a top class effort from the boozer and the fact I was served by a barman with a red and blue flattened Mohican only added to the experience.

I noted live music and karaoke also feature here and I expect this is probably a go to pub on a Friday and Saturday night for the locals who can’t be bothered to jump on the bus into Derby.

I’m on a roll at present as I haven’t been in a ropey pub for a while…long may it continue…Cheers.

Forresters 09.11.17 (14)

8 thoughts on “Searching For A Knighthood in Swad

  1. You’re on a roll at the moment with the blog ! Love that line “a barman with a red and blue flattened Mohican only added to the experience”. I hope this Pedi and Bass is as good as you say, having been in a fair few one beer boozers over the years (particularly south Tamworth, oddly) I suspect you’re right !

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  2. “Swadlincote and District Pool League”

    Is that a dry pool, similar to the dry ski slope? I envision a swimming pool with no water. 🙂

    “a barman with a red and blue flattened Mohican”

    Totally understandable. If you’re going to go around with a member of the Mohican tribe on your head, whoever it may be will most definitely be red and blue from all that flattening to keep them from falling off. 🙂


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