#ThrowbackThursday In Shepshed

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#Imnotsurewherethewholehashtagthingstarted… I’ll start again!  I’m not sure where the whole hashtag thing started but it was probably with the advent of Twitter and Instagram on social media.

If you prefix anything with a hashtag it appears it is OK.  For instance, I could say #somethingreallyoffensive or #incrediblyunfunny but apparently, if I put a hashtag before it, people will be compelled to read it…

I often use the #beermat hashtag when posting pictures and can see the benefits but it is indicative of how much society has moved on in the past 20 years that hashtag is now the norm rather than the exception. Of course, like most things in Britain nowadays it originated in the USA and is much part of the English culture as beer, curry or a Sunday roast.

One of the # ideas I have warmed to is #ThrowbackThursday whereby someone posts something online as a memory… a #blastfromthepast if you please to share with oodles of likeminded individuals.

Red Lion Shepshed 23.11.17 (1)

So, as you are reading this blog I thought I would get down with the kids and give you my example of #ThrowbackThursday.

102- The Red Lion LE12 9RT is an absolute throwback of the highest order.  When I walked in on Thursday at 6.00pm I thought there was a Hi-vis dress code as I appeared to be the only in the boozer who wasn’t wearing one!  Nevertheless, there was a variety of colours with both orange and yellow in view so this boozer clearly accepts everyone!

I liked this place and it has real character…the sort of pub Alan Winfield would feel right at home in and it felt like a throwback to the pubs in the late eighties.

Firstly, it was bloke-heavy in the clientele.  Actually, I’ll rephrase that, it was all blokes and the conversation reflected the demographics with the obligatory barmaid enjoying the banter as she served regulars whom she appeared to know by name and even did the odd bit of table service!

However, it would appear that there is a female darts team at The Red Lion, who play in the Loughborough Ladies darts league so appearances aren’t always what they seem.

The conversation appeared to be centring around why young football fans now preferred a drink to a fight and the usual bar room tales of blokes having a couple of pints after work.

No one was unfriendly and for the time of day there were around 20 people in here as the atmosphere was bubbling along to such an extent that it drowned out The Chase on the box in the background!

No ale was on the agenda but I had a decent pint of Worthington Smooth at a throwback price (£2.40) that would entice me back.  There is a juke box, quiz and disco and I would like to see this place at about 10pm on a Friday as I reckon it would be good fun.  A similar kind of place to the Royal George in Brum I visited recently and I reckon the punters were similar (apart from not supporting Birmingham City).

Red Lion Shepshed 23.11.17 (6)

Shepshed has around 14,000 people in it so more than enough to ensure its seven pubs survive and whilst this place could do with a lick of paint both inside and out, the welcome was warm enough.

It’s famous for being a town dealing in wool, hence the name Sheepshed initially before it morphed into Shepshed and is a good working class Leicestershire town.

#ThrowbackThursday could also involve recalling the time Shepshed Charterhouse were only two divisions away from the Football League in the mid-eighties, had Martin O’Neill as manager and reached the first round of the FA Cup.

However, that all seems a long time ago and the current Shepshed Dynamo version are way down in the football pyramid but this town does have a sports feel to it and The Red Lion has Sky sports and big screens should the need arise.

This is a pub from a bygone era and no worse for it, as it has people in ‘normal’ jobs not taking about beer and having a laugh with their pals whilst ensuring the female barmaid is fully involved in all of the conversations!

9 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday In Shepshed

  1. Sigh. Currently sitting in the carpark of Costco in the pouring rain waiting for my better half to finish shopping. Could use a nearby pub about now.😒

    “there was a variety of colours with both orange and yellow in view so this boozer clearly accepts everyone!”
    Heh. 😊

    “…the sort of pub Alan Winfield would feel right at home in”
    I got that. 👍


    PS – “not taking about beer ”

    I think that should be talking

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally agree about not always talking about beer mate. ☺️

        But, what I meant was the word “taking” should really be “talking”. 😋


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  2. I have been in the Red Lion when it was Bass tied house,i did all but one pub in Shepshed in 1983 and 1984.
    The town had 16 pubs back then i did 15 of them and i have photos of 14 there just the Foresters Arms missing.
    I have done The Richmond, Martin a decent looking three storey pub.

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