A Big Hug(glescote) For Draught Bass

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (9)

Just what is it about Bass that makes it so popular?  There is even an Honourable Order of Bass Drinkers (HOBD) who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2017…er celebrating drinking Bass and not many drinks have an (un)official fan club!

Honourable Order of Bass drinkers 1

Bass, in my case, was the first beer that converted me from lager.  Way back in 1993, the PFA used to run a pub management course for footballers through the BII that was run from Henley College in Coventry.

My drinking style was definitely different back then as Caffreys and Brew XI were deemed a radical shift for me away from Castlemaine XXXX and Carling.  However, the tutor on my pub management course was obviously an aficionado and introduced us to the delights of Draught Bass at a boozer (still going strong) called The Town Wall Tavern at the back of the Belgrade Theatre.

It was definitely my epiphany regards beer as it was absolute nectar and I have been a convert ever since.

Okay, it’s not quite at its 1877 vintage when it was the largest brewer in the world or its 60’s version when Bass Charrington was the brewer.  Marston’s now brews Bass, ironic really as it used to compete against Pedigree, and for me, it is still a ‘go to’ drink at the bar.

I’ve read many bloggers and esteemed beer gurus argue that it is nowhere near as good as its 1970’s vintage (and arguably heyday) and the gaffer or my local boozer, who used to brew for Bass would certainly fall into that category.

Nevertheless, I’m a relative novice in terms of Draught Bass and it is a cracking drink when kept well with it’s bittersweet taste and it just looks like a Rolls Royce of the beer world.

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (6)

I have been amazed at quite how many boozers still stock Bass – and keep it well.  Those backstreet pubs that are tucked away on housing estates and off the beaten track are arguably the least likely place to locate a cracking pint of Bass.

However, 104 – The Gate  LE67 2HG in Hugglescote was one such pub as I entered this village’s only hostelry.  It was by no means packed and there appeared to be a Pub To Let sign on the outside but the beer was good and the atmosphere aided by two big screens.

Gate 28.11.17

It also had fruit machines, juke box and all the usual trappings of a local pub. The more I see of backstreet pubs the more I think they benefit from Sky Sports as it gives the people a reason to visit a pub and they might not necessarily be able to afford one of Rupert Murdoch’s monthly packages.

Anyway, Tony Martial was banging in Manchester United’s third goal at Watford, which was met with much joy by two punters and a groan of “Oh for f**** sake” from one of the barfly’s along with a “I need to cash out now” quote from the other end of the bar!

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (7)

Modern day pub life really whilst a bloke sat quietly soaking it all up with his two dogs and a steady stream of punters headed out for a fag.

The Draught Bass was excellent and at £3.30 very reasonable whilst the pub itself was clean and accommodating with lots of activities going on such as the obligatory weekend karaoke and live entertainment.  It was slightly different to the norm in the room at the back was a dedicated pool room and there was also a quiet snug area without a screen but this is definitely what the good folk of Hugglescote, in Leicestershire, want.

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (12)

If Roland from Henley College was here he would have enjoyed the nectar that is Draught Bass although, he also gave me some wise advice back in the day.

When discussing beer and wine he said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “if you like it drink it, don’t be led by others as it is all snobbery.  I like Bass but if someone else wants to drink lager then good for them. It’s all about choice.”

Indeed it is but I choose Bass!  And, thankfully for me, cracking little boozers like The Gate keep stocking it and providing me with live football to spend an enjoyable hour on a Tuesday evening.

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (2)


12 thoughts on “A Big Hug(glescote) For Draught Bass

  1. As a young man growing up in S.Yorks me and my mates used to seek out a pint of Draught Bass which, if on form, was a rare treat. I was always pestering my old man to have it on in his pub, but in those days most places only had one bitter (and a mild) on and his pub was an out and out Stones pub. Even then he used to warn that to keep Bass you had to be selling plenty to keep it at it’s best. Quite a feat back then, because you never saw anything as small as a Firkin in most pub cellars. Barrels were the norm and in anticipation of busy weekends, I was the young boy stood in awe of the draymen lowering Hogsheads down the drop with a block and tackle anchored to their wagon. Even back then (late 70’s early 80’s) my Dad used to say that it was nothing like it used to be neither.

    I haven’t drank any Bass for a long time and I guess you have the monopoly on it in the Midlands. I probably wouldn’t try it now, ever wary of my Dad’s wise words, and even though he hasn’t touched a drop of ale in a long time he will also tell you that it’s brewed by someone else these days – ‘that can’t be right can it?’ (Dad’s words not mine).

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  2. I think your Dad may have a valid point! However, the Bass I have been drinking recently has been excellent and whilst it may not be like the Bass of old (even the 1993 version I had) it is, at present, a very good drink and pretty much always my choice if it’s on the bar. Loving the stories about draymen amd Hogsheads…Fantastic! You should try Bass blindfolded – a bit like the Pepsi Cola advert and see if you like it!


  3. I’m surprised Martin hasn’t shown up yet. 😁

    “I’ve read many bloggers and esteemed beer gurus argue that it is nowhere near as good as its 1970’s vintage ”

    This probably true of many beers. I will confess up till about 2012 I was an avid Guinness drinker. Had been since the late 70’s. But something changed about that time. It’s still ok at times on draught in bars, but not in the (widget) bottles and cans. I’ve tried it at home a few times since then with no luck. Haven’t had it in the house for over a year now.

    “It’s all about choice.”

    Pretty much sums it up. 😉

    “I think they benefit from Sky Sports as it gives the people a reason to visit a pub and they might not necessarily be able to afford one of Rupert Murdoch’s monthly packages.”

    The same is slightly similar over here with regards to UFC pay per view.

    As for football (American), baseball, basketball and hockey there’s still plenty of free games on the telly. The bars show them but they’re not a big draw usually… unless it’s the local team in the playoffs. 😎


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      1. Take what I say with a small grain of salt. I don’t live in any of the large cities so it may be slightly different there. Sport is a big draw over here but not so much at the bars or pubs, unless it’s playoff time. Then it can get fairly boisterous.

        For example, the Red Mile:


        And the Blue Mile:


        Notice the Red Mile in the first sentence it specifically mentions the lack of violence. In the US, not so much:



        (ok, in the riots, one Canadian city is mentioned) 🙂

        *I have first hand knowledge (in a way) of this as both my sons were down there partaking of the revelry. 🙂

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