Quiz Question…Which Pub Sells Bass In Ashby?

Plough Inn 30.11.17 (17)

Never underestimate the power of a pub quiz…Quite often, when a new boozer opens, a darts team, pub quiz, pool team, football team, karaoke etc. etc. doesn’t even register on the radar.

However, I think anyone who neglects an opportunity to drag in punters is missing a trick.  On my travels with this blog I have seen examples of how darts teams, pool teams, live music and karaoke have all helped create an atmosphere in a pub and 108 – The Plough Inn LE65 1JU also saw the benefits of a pub quiz.

Plough Inn 30.11.17 (13)

The Plough On The Green, to give it its full title, is just at the back of Ashby De La Zouch’s town centre and very much a ‘local’ as opposed to a town centre boozer.

Ashby’s got those in abundance so there is room for a local style boozer, particularly with the amount of chimney pots in close proximity to this place.

Nevertheless, competition is fierce so it needs a selling point…oh, hang on, it sells Bass!

Plough Inn 30.11.17 (10)

Okay, I appreciate that not everyone in the UK wants a pint of Bass (their loss) so that alone may not be enough to tempt in a full house every night of the week.

So, The Plough has to rely on other measures and they have a dart board and lots of events but their Thursday night pub quiz is clearly a winner.

I was in by about 8pm and there were already a few people in; including, in no particular order, five blokes on a bit of sesh, one bloke comparing divorce notes with his pal and another group playing darts and drinking.

However, there was suddenly an influx of around 15 people, all of whom were drinking, as they “needed to get a table before 9 for the quiz.”

And it was apparent that quite a few people had travelled for this quiz, so it’s not just locals as the conversation centred on a variety of subjects.  It would be a safe assumption to make that I was younger than all of the newcomers as one confirmed “I don’t know what day it is with my memory…the Guinness is good though!”

Plough Inn 30.11.17 (15)

The same bloke was then ranting about Tamworth centre and said “they’ve (I assume the planners/city council) have ruined Tamworth town centre.”

I felt like saying that wasn’t a very difficult job as I would imagine that could be done on your lunch break!

Another couple were happy to share that “we live in the part of Coleorton most people want to move away from,” but it was all good natured fifty and sixtysomething style conversation and they were here to have fun and take the quiz seriously.

Vintage TV was on in the background, although they also have sporting events on the big screen and the Draught Bass was excellent and at £3.30 a pint, more than reasonable.

Plough Inn 30.11.17 (5)

I had a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in a pub that has the feel of a backstreet local as opposed to a town centre boozer.

As petesquiz will confirm, the power of the quiz is still a lure for many people and it easily doubled The Plough’s trade on a Thursday evening, which can only be good.

Another pub selling Bass in the East Midlands…don’t knock it!

Plough Inn 30.11.17  (2).jpg

17 thoughts on “Quiz Question…Which Pub Sells Bass In Ashby?

  1. “oh, hang on, it sells Bass!”

    LOL (no offense meant to Martin).

    “I don’t know what day it is with my memory…the Guinness is good though!”

    Hah! Definitely his memory. I say this as someone who used to be a big fan of Guinness (mostly in the take home ‘widget’ bottles and cans). Not any more though alas. Mind you, it’s still mostly ok on draught from what I can tell in bars or pubs.

    “but it was all good natured fifty and sixtysomething style conversation and they were here to have fun and take the quiz seriously.”

    Ok, I have to admit, being a ‘sixtysomething’ (61 this month!) a weekly pub quiz would draw me out for the night (used to be a big fan of Trivial Pursuit back in the day), so a smart move for any of the pubs doing this (and the darts, pool, live music stuff as well).


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    1. Note to BeerMat/Ian/LAF839 – it’s traditional to butter up your overseas market by saying something like “You don’t look a day over 60, Russ”. Then they think you’re spying on them via the World Wide Web or whatever Canadians use.

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  2. The quiz night tradition is an interesting aspect of pub culture for me; we certainly don’t have anything like it in American bars (that i’m aware of). Do you ever take part in pub quiz nights? Do you know anyone who’s super devoted to them?


    1. They’ve evolved a lot and quite a few are app based now…I have take part in quite a few and they are generally good value and fun….there always appears to be at least one team packed full of eggheads though!! I don’t know any huge devotees but I know plenty of people who are hopeless 😉😀

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    2. Having just come back from my regular Tuesday night quiz at the Bull’s Head (an Ember Inn on the Stratfoird Road in Hall Green, Birmingham) I can shed a bit of light on the pub quiz phenomenon.

      The first time I presented my quiz in the Bull’s Head was on 6th December 2000…and I’m still there every Tuesday. Pretty much all of the teams come every week – that’s 8 – 12 teams (around 50 people). If you’d said to me seventeen years ago that pub quizzes would still be popular (and that I’d still be at the Bull’s Head), I would have been very surprised.

      Of those teams, almost all have won at some stage although there are three or four teams that win more than most. But it isn’t all about the winning – in my other quizzes (I do three a week) there are teams that never win but they keep coming back because they have fun…and some questions will spark conversations about times gone by, current affairs, etc…

      I try to pitch my quizzes so that they’re not overly difficult – I’m there to entertain people and hopefully show them that they know more than they thought they did. (There is no point in making a quiz too hard – people don’t want to go home feeling thick or inadequate…it’s supposed to be a bit of fun!)

      Ultimately, I’m there to sell beer – the pub would have been short of 50 customers every Tuesday for the last 17 years without my quiz.


      1. Ah ! So that’s why Ember Inns are in the Beer Guide. it’s the quizzes. Our local (the Sun in Waterbeach) holds a quiz on Thursday night that brings in 30 odd folk who you NEVER see in a pub again till Christmas.

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  3. There’s nothing better than a good pub quiz to get the punters in. I know people who regularly (successfully) compete in three different quizzes on different nights in different pubs. There’s that flexibility in quizzing that you don’t get in a darts, doms or pool team which require you to turn up week in week out or you get dropped, with the quiz thing it doesn’t matter if you miss a week owing to competing demands. What it does mean is that you might not get your seat next week though. Makes me laugh to see people turning up earlier and earlier every tuesday in my local to baggsy the table/seats. Some of them really get the hump if they can’t have the same seats every week. Is it a sixty something thing or just early onset of dementia?

    Notes to would be competitors: find a quiz where the question setter is on the same wave length as you – no use going to a quiz aimed at 60+ year olds when you’re 20 something (and vice versa) or it ends up being all – ‘What the fuck was Doris Day?’ She wasn’t a now redundant bank holiday neither

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    1. “Is it a sixty something thing or just early onset of dementia?”

      Tsk, tsk. I believe the “huff over the same seats” started with the TV show Friends, all of whom were much younger than 60. 🙂


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    2. I try, with all my quizzes, to have questions that span all age groups…but most quiz goers are 45+ which presents a bit of a dilemma. If the quiz is just aimed at the ‘old gits’ (which I am as well) then the younger folk don’t come back. If they don’t come back you’re going to lose the next generation of pub quizzers which isn’t good. I have discussed this with other quizmasters who have just catered for the ‘old gits’ as that’s their core audience. Short-sighted, but they don’t seem to change!

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      1. “I try, with all my quizzes, to have questions that span all age groups…”

        Good idea. I like it to the game show Jeopardy (do you get that over there?). Some of the categories I do okay on; while others I’m totally out to sea. 😎


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