Good News From Melbourne…

Harpurs 15.12.17 (3)

…Unfortunately it is bad news from Perth where England have collapsed once again to rack up their eight consecutive defeat in Australia…

Just in case anyone was hoping for a crumb of comfort ahead of England’s next test in Melbourne I can offer up the following…the feeling of trepidation you have when you wake up not knowing the score has finally gone!

In a way, I’ve kind of enjoyed listening to the radio as opposed to watching every delivery pored over by experts.  Although that is probably the only bit of the series I’ve enjoyed aside from the fact Dawid Malan appears to be a batsman who can make runs under pressure.

Anyway, as this isn’t a cricket blog then I bring you fantastic news about Melbourne ahead of the Fourth Test.

This Melbourne however, is based in south Derbyshire and currently basking in temperatures of about -1%.

Nevertheless, a works’ Christmas Party was on the agenda and with David Brent clearly not turning up (unfortunately, nor was Lucy Davis) from that classic early 2000’s comedy The Office, I was optimistic of a good night.

Harpurs 15.12.17 (16)

117 – Harpur’s DE73 8FE is a good venue as it’s set in the Georgian Market town of Melbourne whose cricket team strut their stuff in the Derbyshire Premier and County Cricket League, although rumours of a call up for the fourth test for any of their players are as yet unconfirmed.

This is one of three pubs in the Bespoke Inns chain, which is a small Derbyshire based pub company that also owns Boot Brewery.

I’ve previously been to The Dragon in Willington (pub 15) and whilst there is always plenty of food on offer at their boozers they definitely cater for the drinker.

I and around 50 colleagues had the restaurant area upstairs but walking through the pub on a Friday night it is clear that this is a place the great and good of Melbourne attend.  It’s even got a bouncer/doorman, which tells you that Melbourne can get a bit lively on a Friday evening.

But I must say it was very nice of them to put Draught Bass on to celebrate my arrival!  Okay, I am sure it is on all of the time along with a selection of Boot Beers but the Bass was in top form as usual and the place had a cracking atmosphere.

Harpurs 15.12.17  (12).jpg

The food was top drawer, gastro style, and both our room and the two rooms downstairs had a really good vibe.  Upstairs is basically the restaurant whilst downstairs has a mix of drinking and dining but there is, as always in Bespoke Inns, an area set aside for drinkers.

Royally entertained by a top singer/guitarist I even have to confess to throwing a few shapes as acoustic versions of I’m A Believer amongst others were on offer.

Although my request for Lump from the Presidents Of The USA is on hold till next year!

Harpurs 15.12.17 (1)

As Christmas parties go this was excellent.  Lots of good times and Mrs BB had a storming evening too, although she was very much Gin based as opposed to Bass.  Another good Derbyshire boozer selling a variety of beers, including Pedigree and Bass, and packing them in

Merry Christmas from Melbourne!


10 thoughts on “Good News From Melbourne…

  1. Loved the title and the way you use the current Ashes to link the two (and the reference to the local cricket club). 🙂

    “as always in Bespoke Inns, an area set aside for drinkers.”

    Good for them.

    And I like the fact they have a (separate) area for local functions, rather than cordon off part of the regular area(s). Had that at a local Greek restaurant* last week where they have a separate area I didn’t even know existed.


    * – my wife does the catering for the local Comfort Inn and they were so happy with her work this year we got invited to the staff Christmas party. 🙂

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  2. I’m not sure I’m keeping up with your posts or doing them justice, Ian, but I’m not complaining when there’s so much Bass and Pedi.

    On the cricket, I think we’re losing interest in the Ozzy Ashes. There really is no point listening to any of it when it’s so one sided, bar that Malan/Bairstow stand. Bring on Worcester v Warwicks (oh,they were relegated weren’t they ?)

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