Hibernating In The Hedgehog

Lich Hedge 05.01.17 (15)

I always like to start with the positives and there are two massive ones in Lichfield’s 134 –The Hedgehog WS13 8JB.  

Firstly, it sells Pedigree (Marston’s) and as you can see from the picture at the top of this post it was in demand (along with cider of course).

Secondly, the bar staff were friendly…..er, that’s it?

Okay, at a push the décor was gleaming and well kept and it had a fire as well. But it had the feel of a restaurant and whilst M&B offer Sizzling pubs and Nicholson’s pubs as part of their estate this Vintage Inn is definitely an eatery that happens to sell beer.

Lich Hedge 05.01.17  (4).jpg

Myself and a group of pals undertake an Urban Exploration twice  a year, which involves visiting a city with a cathedral, walking roughly eight miles and stopping off at a few classic hostelries en route.

Lich Hedge 05.01.17  (18).jpg

So, with #Tryanuary definitely on the agenda as opposed to Dryanauary a group of six set off around midday and with only one early departee, it was a rollicking good day.

The plan is fluid but generally it’s a pint and a walk in order to balance up your carbs lost with your ‘carbs’ put back in!

Anyway, the only problem with Lichfield is that it is a city, it has a cathedral, but  it isn’t very big…my co-founder and route mapper for the day picked a few corkers (more posts to follow) but also tagged in The Hedgehog as it is on the outskirts of the city and sells beer.

Lich Hedge 05.01.17  (8).jpg

I don’t want to sound harsh as Dan and the team were welcoming but it is the sort of place you could have a lovely snooze in…

…Friday afternoon and it was relatively busy with diners but I can imagine its website sells it as a serene chilled dining experience but it didn’t feel much like a pub to me.

The Pedigree was okay but I’m not sure how much gets pulled through the pipes…

Lich Hedge 05.01.17  (2).jpg

To summarise, our group of five were in full flow at this stage and The Hedgehog wasn’t really a place to be in full flow!  It was more a place to go into hibernation by a warm fire and get your head down for a bit.

Ultimately, I didn’t see anyone else there just drinking as all the other punters were eating but, then again, this is arguably what we expected before entering.

Lich Hedge 05.01.17  (16).jpg

I’m pretty sure I could take Mrs BB there for a meal and she’d like it as the bar staff were helpful and the layout was modern/classic according to current terminology.

I’d probably phrase it is a restaurant, which is a bit dull in terms of atmosphere, but I can see how it does a roaring trade with the locals of Lichfield.

Plus, it’s open and it sells beer irrespective of the food element and if I had a business plan (I don’t) then, where it is situated, this is arguably the best option for a place like this.

Lich Hedge 05.01.17 (11)

(My Urban Explorer co-founder contemplating which Pedigree to drink!)

11 thoughts on “Hibernating In The Hedgehog

  1. The Hedgehog is a pub I’ve driven past on many occasions…either going to the boat mooring at King’s Bromley or going to play golf at Lichfield Golf & Country Club (formerly Seedy Mill) or St Thomas’ Priory…but never ventured inside. From the description, it is pretty much like all other Vintage Inns – you’re quite right they are essentially restaurants where you can have a drink.

    On our canal trips we’ve been saved by Vintage Inns on numerous occasions, so I won’t be too critical, but I’d never choose one for a drinking session…although the Carling has always been nice!

    I’m looking forward to your further adventures in Lichfield to see whether I’ve been in any of them!

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      1. That’s not an easy one to answer as it is hard to narrow them down to just three….but here goes: –
        The Navigation Inn, Lapworth, which you visited a while ago. This is my first choice because for many years our boat was moored near The Boot, but our go-to pub was the Navigation. It’s now more foody, but the bar is still ‘proper’. (They even kept the uneven floor!)
        If I restrict it to pubs that are actuallly canalside, then these are in no particular order: –
        The Swan Inn, Fradley – had some great nights there, but some poor ones as well (depends on the management!)
        Three Tuns, Fazeley – a very basic boozer that does good, simple pub food.
        Dog & Doublet, Bodymoor Heath – avoid when it is too busy, but still feels like a proper pub (although you might have to wear a disguise as it’s close to Villa’s training ground!)
        The Boat, Minworth – another boozer that does some food
        The Star Inn, Stone – the old part is fantastic, the newer bit is fine.
        Cross Keys, Penkridge – away from the town centre, a proper canalside pub. Don’t visit as often as we should because there are so many other decent place in Penkridge itself!
        The Drawbridge, Shirley – a modern basic boozer with food – haven’t been for a while as we don’t go that way so often these days.
        The Blue Bell, Earlswood – hasn’t changed in years!
        The Greyhound, Hawkesbury Junction – an old school traditional canal pub (can get very busy!)
        Cape of Good Hope, Warwick – another traditional canalside pub

        I’d better stop there – all of these have plusses and minuses (many more plusses, though!) and, like many pubs, if you catch them at the right time and you’re in good company they’re fantastic!

        Most of the pubs we visit aren’t canalside, but within a short walk which would’ve meant that I could have included The Cooper’s Arms in Burton, Batham’s Bull & Bladder and several others!

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  2. You raise an interesting point Ian.

    To whit: is society becoming segregate/divided/separated as it were. There’s so many boxes to tick (or slots to fill?) as to what one is these days we are long past the day of something being “all things to all people” — pubs included alas.

    And I will leave it with that deep thought for now. 😉


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      1. Not highbrow; just chalk it up to yesterday being the anniversary of my dear old Dad’s passing (six years ago). I get very introspective on that day (plus, hoisting a few in his honour is partly to blame). 😉


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