Lichfield Ale Trail

Lich Ale Trail (9)

I like it when a local authority puts together an Ale Trail and whilst it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the best boozers in town (or city in this case) it is always good PR.

As it happens, we had a route of our own mapped out but it did take in a few of the recommended ‘Ale Trail’ outlets.

Lich Ale Trail (6)

I’ve been to Lichfield twice since I started blogging and The Whippet Inn has been shut on both occasions so I would imagine that is a nailed on cert to be in the GBG whilst Beerbohm was excellent again, but I’ve blogged on that gem of a place before.

Lich Cathedral 05.01.17 (4)

However, the closest pub to Lichfield Cathedral and tucked away between houses is an absolute classic boozer 135 – George And Dragon WS13 7AJ.

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (5).jpg

As part of our ‘Urban Exploration’ (see last blog for details) we usually spend around an hour maximum in each pub but this was one was so good we made an exception!

Juke Box, dart board, great beer, historic building, friendly landlady, friendly locals…what more could you want?

(Which song did I choose next?  Everyone happy with The Wonder Stuff?)

Lich G&D 05.01.17 (17)

There were six of us in here on a Friday afternoon in January so I expect the trade was welcome and we possibly cleared the bar relatively quickly (!), but I like a pub where you are allowed to be loud.

I don’t mean offensive, aggressive or unpleasant but, as six of us had a rollicking good game of darts (both matches were won with a x1 finish to give you some idea of the standard) which got quite competitive, so the noise levels increased; but it wasn’t a problem at all for the gaffer.

Lich G&D 05.01.17 (21)

I know some people like pubs to be quiet and noise free but I reckon the buzz and the crackle from people having fun in pubs makes a huge difference and any pub worth its salts will allow the occasional noisy evening.  Too many pubs have turned into dentist’s waiting room style atmospheres.

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (18).jpg

(One of my team mates celebrating victory!)

One of the locals pointed us in the direction of our next boozer and was very helpful and this is another reason why this is a must visit pub when you are in Lichfield.

The views of the Cathedral are excellent and the history just permeated this two-roomed classic.  Apparently it was built in 1818…

Lich G&D 05.01.17 (1)

and their garden is where Prince Rupert laid siege to the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War (I like to be informative).

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (25).jpg

However, the only weapons on display were those of the arrow variety

(apart from this axe of course)

Lich G&D 05.01.17 (22)

as aside from the occasional fluke 20, the standard on show was strictly BDO!

The jukebox was on but it wasn’t loud and the gaffer said it wasn’t getting any louder so she was definitely in charge!

It was also beer of the day in this pub as Americana Pale (Backyard) was a fantastic pint and only added to the ambience for the two hours we spent in this place.

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (14).jpg

To summarise, a great pub for six blokes to go and pay darts in, listen to music and generally have the craic.

It was interesting to note that the position of the dart board meant that the George and Dragon no longer had a darts team!

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (10).jpg

The landlady was almost incredulous when she said because people had to walk past to go to the toilet and because this kept interrupting the flow of the game both the darts players and non darts players gave up…There is another route to the loo that takes about two second longer by walking through the lounge so not too sure why people can’t work these things out.

Lich G&D 05.01.17  (2).jpg

However, all six of us demonstrated we are nowhere near selection for any kind of darts team with our performance levels but, a top notch afternoon was had by all on the best pubs on the Lichfield Ale Trail and our own Urban Exploration.

5 thoughts on “Lichfield Ale Trail

    1. Of course in Lichfield Bass, Pedi and Banks’s would all qualify as “Locale” 😉

      I visited the George & Dragon on a Lichfield crawl about 25 years ago when it was a Banks’s pub, but can’t remember much about it beyond being very quiet.

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