Proper Sarnies In Packed Milford Pub

King William 24.01.18 (4)

I just knew the UEFA Nations League would be a tournament to get the whole country talking.  Even Jim White struggled to get excited on Sky Sports News (actually that’s not strictly true) at the prospect of Andorra and Kazakhstan potentially battling it out for a place in Euro 2020 but, it was the talk of Milford on Wednesday night.

To be fair to Jim White he gets excited about anything so the thought of a pub quiz in a cracking boozer 139 – King William  DE56 0RR would have sent him off the Richter scale.

King William 24.01.18  (2).jpg

This pub, which is joint winner of ‘the busiest pub in Derbyshire on a Wednesday award’ alongside The Royal Oak in Wirksworth (pub 104) is in Milford which is basically just as you leave Duffield on the road to Belper.  There are some belting country boozers in this neck of the woods but I reckon this must be one of the best on current form…

King William 24.01.18 (9)

However, there is no sign of Sky Sports or any TV for that matter in this classic homely and very polite, pub.  Wednesday nights in January aren’t known for being riotous or even particular well attended in boozers but this gem was definitely bucking the trend.

My two drinking buddies and I walked in on a pub quiz and the tension was palpable but we were still made welcome even though it was strictly standing room only.

King William 24.01.18 (18)

(Matlock or Makeney?  A tough choice)

We stopped for a good hour and reckoned there was the potential for a decent pub quiz team as we nailed quite a few answers including England’s opponents in the UEFA Nations League (Croatia and Spain if you’re interested) and the national animal of Canada…

It’s a glorious looking pub from the outside as it’s at the foot of sandstone cliffs and with the River Derwent flowing nearby it is a picturesque scene.  A fire, lots of ale and friendly natives ensure that this place is in rude health and it’s even made the front of Moonshine Mick’s Derby Gig Guide, which is heady stuff indeed considering we have Linton Kwezi Johnson on there too!

King William 24.01.18 (1)

Bass was on the agenda and one of my pals decided on Abbot Ale straight from the barrel but, in the spirit of #Tryanuary I gave the Holy Grail of Bass a miss and instead had a marvellous pint of Heathen (Thornbridge).

I’ve deliberately posted this before 11pm so has a chance to nip out to his local in Cambridge and have a drop of the dark stuff, which he appears to be indulging in recently…after recent controversy in the comments column regarding late night blogging!

However, if you’re reading this after last orders Martin…this one’s for you

King William 24.01.18 (13)

The landlady brought round a huge pile of sandwiches and we seemed to arrive at just the right time and were perfectly positioned at the bar to eat the vast majority of them!  And when I say sandwiches I mean proper old school sandwiches such as cheese and ham and made on white and brown bread as opposed to rustic/flatbread etc.

King William 24.01.18 (11)

The picture I’ve posted doesn’t really do it justice as there were loads brought out on plates of varying sizes but, rest assured, they were of the highest order!

Hops hanging off the ceiling, great beer selection, live bands, quizzes and some punters who were actually younger than me means the future is bright for the King William and it will arguably last longer than the UEFA Nations League…


15 thoughts on “Proper Sarnies In Packed Milford Pub

  1. “and the national animal of Canada…”

    And we won’t mention what part of the body that animal is slang for. 😏

    “after recent controversy in the comments column regarding late night blogging!”

    I take it that was comments on Twitter and not the blog?

    “and made on white and brown bread as opposed to rustic/flatbread etc.”

    Heh! 😊


    PS – “Even Jim White struggle to get excited”

    Unless Jim managed to clone himself that should be “struggles”. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thornbridge – you’re getting better. Looks like a decent local. Brings up the ‘pub quiz’ question – pulling the punters in, or pulling them from somewhere else, all following the ‘pub quiz night’ around the district? Or would they just stay in otherwise?

    Liked by 1 person

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