Eureka – A Proper Local In Swadlincote

Railway Inn 31.01.18  (3).jpg

Drinking a pint of Pedigree (Marston’s), out of a Pedigree badged pint glass on a Pedigree beermat for only £2.90…need I go on!

In order for this not to be the world’s shortest post I should add a bit more flesh to the bones but any pub that starts from that benchmark is going to have to work hard to be unimpressive.

Railway Inn 31.01.18  (8).jpg

145 – The Railway Inn DE11 7NR, which is just at the back of Eureka Park (surely the best name for a park in Britain) on the edge of Swadlincote centre heading out towards Midway, is a proper ‘local pub.’

When I dropped in on Wednesday night it was super moon night and the doorway had four amateur photographers taking pictures – not of me, those days have long gone – but of the huge moon above.

And one of those cameras was the full works with a tripod and zoom lens so we are talking some serious astronomy going on here – I could almost picture the late Patrick Moore shouting ‘Eureka’ as he spotted the supa luna moon.

Railway Inn 31.01.18  (15).jpg

(man with big camera looking for the moon…that’s just pub lighting top right!)

The car park was absolutely jam packed and once inside I couldn’t get a seat in the lounge as I realised why.  It was Wednesday night cash bingo and this is clearly a favourite for all ages as young and old were buying bingo cards aplenty in order to win some dough.

I’m not sure how much the prize was but a younger couple were exchanging a difference of views as she was clearly less than impressed at there being no seats and apparently it was all down to him (I think we’ve all been there!)

Railway Inn 31.01.18 (17)

Nonetheless, it was good to see the place so full on a Wednesday night but I plumped for some solitude in the bar (a classic two-roomed local) and saw a splendid mural on the wall along with two dart boards and a pool table.

The owners are clearly working their socks off with breakfast, main menu, steak night, Sunday carvery, the aforementioned bingo, obligatory Derby County memorabilia and a disco/karaoke evening to boot.

Railway Inn 31.01.18 (5)

There are plenty of houses nearby within walking distance so there is clearly scope to thrive as long as you tap into your market and who doesn’t want to play bingo for cash prizes?!

It’s been in Marston’s hands since 1999 and makes me wonder why they don’t do more of their pubs like this as it clearly works and serves this community well.

Railway Inn 31.01.18  (16).jpg

Apparently Eureka Park is named after a coal seam which runs beneath it having been restored with a Heritage Lottery grant and is a vibrant place during the day and even has the modern day equivalent of a parkie…

The barman was friendly and the pint was excellent (the only ale on offer proving you only need one) and this was clearly a place where, if you wanted, you could probably make a fair bit of noise and enjoy yourself.

A good solid local boozer in the East Midlands selling Pedigree…who’d have thought it!

Railway Inn 31.01.18  (1).jpg


7 thoughts on “Eureka – A Proper Local In Swadlincote

  1. ” (I think we’ve all been there!)”

    LOL, indeed! 🙂

    “The owners are clearly working their socks off with breakfast, main menu, steak night, Sunday carvery, the aforementioned bingo, obligatory Derby County memorabilia and a disco/karaoke evening to boot.”

    Looks like they’re definitely trying to find the best way to tap into their market. Best of luck the them.

    Also, I have one 500ml bottle of Pedigree in my fridge. I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve drunk it.


    PS – “solitude n the bar”

    Not sure if that should be in or at. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Russ may be jealous of you Ian, but stuck here in Cambridge tonight reading your posts on great looking Bass and Pedi for less than £3 isn’t much better ! Top stuff. Don’t know how you’d quantify it, but I think you’re onto something here with your observation about how hard pubs round here work…

    Liked by 1 person

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