Shock News…Football Fans Welcome in Excellent Pub

Burton Last Heretic 05.01.17 x2 (3).jpg

(Landlord Pete and three drinking pals)

One of my missions in 2018 was to add more Burton pubs to this blog as, ostensibly; there are some very good ones in the home of brewing.

This reminded me that I hadn’t yet recorded my stop off at a belting little boozer as I ended a tremendous day in Lichfield.

The picture at the top of this post shows off barman Pete and his love of all things beer and football has been well documented by Duncan aka pubmeister on his fantastic blog.

147 – The Last Heretic – DE14 1BT is nominally a Micropub but it can be loud, lively and sport based, which are not things you would traditionally associate with a pub of this ilk.

Burton Last Heretic 05.01.17.jpg

Pete’s a Crystal Palace fan but also a shrewd businessman and, as well as putting on decent beer, ghost walks and a great atmosphere he also welcomes football fans into his boozer.

And with Burton Albion enjoying a relative boom over the last few seasons then it is a welcome revenue stream to go along with his band of regulars.

Just in case you can’t tear yourself away from this blog to read Duncan’s top notch prose then the reason for the name of this pub is…Edward Wightman, the last Christian martyr to be burnt alive, in 1612 was from Burton on Trent.

Going off at a tangent Pete informs me that all visiting football fans have been fantastic in their behaviour since Burton arrived in the second tier of English football and only one set of supporters in two years caused any kind of trouble in the town…

However, let’s focus on the pub and myself and four of my chums arrived after a rather chaotic day in Lichfield as we disembarked the train at Burton and were waiting for a lift home!

Burton Last Heretic 05.01.17 x2 (2)

Suffice to say the noise levels were high, the beer was good and the jokes were flowing and Pete is very good at mixing in when necessary and stepping back when he can see punters don’t want to be disturbed.  The art of a top class landlord (along with keeping good beer of course) and Pete appears to have this off to a tee.

Of all the ‘small’ pubs in Burton this is undoubtedly my favourite as it feels like a pub and whilst there are no fruit machines, televisions, jukeboxes etc. there is enough of a buzz to make it pass for a town centre pub as opposed to a quiet drinking den.  One of our party is the guru of all things Burton and he swears by this place and I can see his point.

I can’t recall what pint I had but I’ve yet to have a bad one on three or four visits there so I’m accentuating the positives.

Burton Last Heretic 05.01.17 x2 (1).jpg

(The end of a good night!)

If you’re in Burton –on Trent, check it out.

15 thoughts on “Shock News…Football Fans Welcome in Excellent Pub

    1. I believe it was Barnsley! Or Rotherham I can’t quite recall!!! His theory was bigger clubs have bigger followings so only true fans can get tickets at Burton whereas clubs with smaller away followings can’t police themselves as well…

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  1. “The art of a top class landlord (along with keeping good beer of course) and Pete appears to have this off to a tee.”

    The three pillars of a good pub; location, landlord… and beer. 🙂

    And from their website their Beer Garden looks a lot like the one that Cumberland Brewery (Cumberland, BC) has.


    PS – Sipping a bottle of Pedigree as I type this. Not bad. I’d rate it 3.5 on the RBSS (Russtovich Beer Scoring System). 🙂

    The bottle even tells you, if you read closely, to store upright due to it being bottle conditioned, and to be careful when pouring in order to leave the sediment in the bottle.

    Serendipitously I’m having a Jennings Cumberland (UK, not BC!) Golden Ale next. But before I do that I’ll probably pop out and get the last 4-pack of these Classic Ales at the liquor store. 🙂

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  2. I have not done any of Burton’s micro pubs,but i have been in 80 pubs in the town and about half were done on pub crawls with my wife.
    I will have to do the micro pubs on my own as i took the wife in a micro pub in Nottingham and she said she does’nt like them,she prefers proper pubs with a bit of life to them.

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