A Ton Of Fun In Alcester

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18 (35)

This pub blogging lark can be a game of chance so it is all the more pleasing when you come up trumps.

My latest test was on Alcester High Street when I had a choice of plenty but plumped for what looked like the most appealing ‘proper’ pub.

I mean who can refuse a front door like this…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (24).jpg

or a beer board like this…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (29).jpg

or a Tudor building like this…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18 (36)

whilst the lure of pancake races next week is enough to tempt anyone into Alcester (see opening picture).

It is on the Warwickshire/Worcestershire border (although part of the West Midlands these days) and a beautiful little Roman market town at the junction of the River Alne and the River Arrow.

I once played a charity cricket game at arguably the most glamorous setting in the Midlands for a village cricket team; (pictures on request!) Alcester & Ragley Park Cricket Club, which is situated in the grounds of Ragley Hall, and that, gave me some idea of what a pukka place Alcester is.

The clock on St Nicholas Church was highly impressive on the stroll in to the High Street

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (39).jpg

as are the houses…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18 (1)

and with the winter sun gleaming, it really is an impressive little town…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18 (46)

However, with around 9,000 thirsty locals there is clearly the market for all sorts of boozers and, as mentioned earlier, how could I ignore 152 – The Three Tuns B49 5AB

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18 (25)

It was a Monday afternoon around 2.30 and the place was a cluttered pub in the style of longevity and care.  My instinct proved correct as the antiques shop style windows and very low beams…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (6).jpg

allied to some fantastic old memorabilia…

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (12).jpg

ensured this was a real connoisseur’s pub.

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (21).jpg

There were about five bar blockers in and a bloke slouched on the comfiest looking chairs I have seen in a pub that just added to the mishmash of styles that really works.

I had pint of The Bard’s Best (Shakespeare Brewing Company) (well, it is almost Stratford) and when the barmaid said “I’ll just let that settle,” before finishing off the pint I just knew it was going to be quality.

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (4).jpg

So it proved as did the whole experience from the bar chat where one punter was holding court about his recent trip to the USA and drink-drive laws with the coppers sounding like The Dukes of Hazard

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (11).jpg

the barmaid, who was excellent deadpan humour, claiming that Cheers was, and still is, the only American comedy worth watching…

The locals were friendly and the essential toilet reading even had genuine news stories from the Daily Mirror!

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (16).jpg

What a place, what a find.  Although I expect from the CAMRA certificates and awards plastered over the walls that many a member of the PUB (non vegan militant version), has been here before.

I’m not sure what it’s like on pancake racing day but I suspect even that is done with a touch of class.

Alcester 3 Tuns 05.02.18  (48).jpg

8 thoughts on “A Ton Of Fun In Alcester

  1. Lovely looking pub in a lovely looking village. 🙂

    And yes, almost forgot it’s Shrove Tuesday next week. (blush)

    “I had pint of The Bard’s Best”

    Heh. I was once nicknamed the Basin’s Bard on a gaming site due to my writing poems for the death of one’s gaming character. 😉

    “his recent trip to the USA and drink-drive laws”

    They can be pretty brutal over here, but I understand yours over there are getting almost as bad?

    Quick personal story; I got pulled over at a check stop on the way home during the World Cup in 1996. I’d had two pints (and unfortunately no lunch). Apparently I blew .05 (.08 being impaired) and it was perfectly legal to take my license on the spot for 24 hours, plus they could tow my car and leave me at the side of the road to find my own way home. Luckily (?) one of the RCMP officers was female and she thought it would be way more fun to drive me home in order to see the look on my wife’s face (she did drive my wife back to get the car at least). After 24 hours we drove to the local police station to retrieve my license. Sheesh!

    “claiming that Cheers was, and still is, the only American comedy worth watching…”

    Cheers was pretty funny at times (partly as it mostly took place in a bar). There are some others but yep, I think Brit humour is better (could be a bit biased there). Heck, most American comedy shows back in the day were stolen from UK shows anyway! 🙂


    PS – second the fact PUB is a great acronym. (thumbs up)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be fair to our laws I reckon they’re about right. and I’m with you on Cheers as it was a classic. Apparently Nottingham Forest’s goalkeeper at the time, Mark Crossley, was nicknamed ‘Norm’ after the guy at the bar! I’m backing you to get the relevant paperwork sorted for all PUB members!


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