Time For A Pint In The Clock

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18 (22)

There is just something about canalside pubs that leave you feeling chilled out.  Okay, a Sunday afternoon in February when it’s about two degrees and a pub is absolutely packed might stretch that notion but, the minute you walk outside, tranquillity takes over.

It’s an undeniable fact.  Even though 155 – The Clock Warehouse DE72 2GL had free WiFi as well and I could find out that Villa had beaten Birmingham 2-0 (!)I was still able to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18  (23).jpg

Shardlow is surprisingly water based for inland Derby and historically the Trent and Mersey Canal in this area known as ‘The Shardlow Basin’ was used as a business hub with the clock and salt warehouse building completed by 1780.

It’s obviously had a refurb in the intervening 238 years and is a pretty impressive building that was absolutely heaving when I went for a bit of Sunday lunch with my son at about 3pm on a Sunday.

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18 (25)

(The gaffer is definitely called Matt!)

The top area of the pub is for drinkers but everywhere else is food based and there were families galore in here with prices to attract.

Clock bill

Shardlow has a lot of pubs in such a small area but it looks as though this Marston’s boozer is hitting this spot as there weren’t many spare seats in this behemoth of a place.

A big beer garden, places to relax (needed as it’s family lively inside), a gaffer who had his name displayed bigger than any other pub manager in the history of pubs on the welcome board (!) and a definite drinking zone are my takeaway memories of this place.

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18 (9)

It is somewhere to go with your kids/family as opposed to just for a drink as my six-year-old enjoyed it but the Pedigree (Marston’s) was decent enough and the staff were friendly considering they were under the cosh.

Shardlow has around half a dozen pubs, which I suspect is not sustainable in the long run, so any natural advantages such as a canalside location will give you a head start.

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18 (28)

A short post but a Derbyshire pub selling Pedigree is never a bad thing and I reckon Pete must have stopped off here on his travels…if not, point your barge towards Shardlow as the possibilities (and pubs) are endless.

Clock Shardlow 12.02.18  (15).jpg

15 thoughts on “Time For A Pint In The Clock

      1. Listen, for a nation that has such delicacies as Toad in the Hole, Distressed Pudding and whatnot how am I to know Pot Fires isn’t a thing? 😌


        PS – Besides, ‘Pot Fires’ and ‘Bangers’ looked like some sort of fireworks theme. 😋

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  1. We discovered the delights of Shardlow a little late in our canal boating careers, but it is a great village for a bit of a pub crawl. (I’ve just checked our logs…and our first stop there was in 2009! How we managed to miss it for almost 30 years of boating is beyond me!)
    We’ve visited The Clock Warehouse, New Inn and Malt Shovel, all of which are by the canal; plus the Navigation which isn’t on the canal bank. We were there last Easter and I wouldn’t rule out another visit this Easter!

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      1. I did wonder what the others were – are they both on the river?. Unless they are nearby we don’t tend to find the other pubs in places.
        Our routine is usually – moor up; find pub. Does it do food? Yes, we stay for a while and then (mostly) look for other watering holes. No, have a pint and move on.
        Our needs are quite basic and simple. Particularly in Shardlow, as there are three in sight of the cut we’ve seen no need to go much further, especially when we found the Navigation so close by! If we get a chance, we may explore a bit further next time.

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  2. Likewise, there’s something about canal side pubs. Always fancied a canal barge, they never seem to go fast enough though.

    Kids bangers and mash a top choice for the young ‘un. Nice to see you going for the two plates of chips, healthy eating option?

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  3. “The top area of the pub is for drinkers but everywhere else is food based”

    I like it when they have at least some space put aside for drinkers.

    Decent food prices from the looks of it. And yes, being on the water certainly helps. For some reason most of us have an affinity for water. Even if it’s just a small pond it makes a difference.


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