Roll Out The Barrel – Snow On The Peaks

Barrel 13.02.18 (48)

A seven mile hike to reach the highest pub in Derbyshire – I know how the GBG PUB Bloggers feel!

Although, this was actually through choice as three of my walking pals and I set off for a day in the Peak District and a circular hike from Eyam taking in the delights of Abney Moor and Bretton Clough.

Barrel 13.02.18 (22)

I’m not quite sure what a ‘Clough’ is unless Derbyshire decided Brian is actually so famous they are not only going to name the A52 (Brian Clough Way) after him, but also great swathes of the Peak District!

Anyway, as the pictures show (including the inaugural one of myself on this blog, above), the weather was bracing to say the least with mud and snow underfoot in equal measure,

Barrel 13.02.18 (69)

I was delighted when – six miles in – our resident Peaks expert told us  157 – The Barrel Inn – S32 5QD was approaching in Bretton Clough.

Barrel 13.02.18 (41)

It was half past two so there is always a concern a pub as isolated as this might not be open but, a welcome sight of cars parked outside, meant it was open for our business!

Barrel 13.02.18  (59).jpg

A pint of EPA (Marston’s) was top notch and the landlady was friendly and chatting about how important Sunday lunch trade is to this place, which appears to be undergoing a gradual change.

Barrel 13.02.18  (32).jpg

The main hub of the pub, which has been there since 1597 has all the features you would expect such as the stone flag floor, the oak beams and nail studded doors, the thick traditional Derbyshire limestone walls and low doorways.

(Classic bench style seating too!)

Barrel 13.02.18  (36).jpg

However, it has had a lot added onto it including rooms and a smart new hotel/pub style entrance, which…

Barrel 13.02.18  (55).jpg

…allied to breathtaking views, means it clearly has a chance of surviving.

(view from front of the pub)

Barrel 13.02.18  (49).jpg

I can’t describe quite how remote this place is and whilst my beer was just over £3.50 I would happily pay more of a premium in a place like this to ensure it survives.

Barrel 13.02.18  (39).jpg

Bearing in mind during our seven mile walk we saw three people – two of which were council workers repairing potholes –  then the pub was a positive hive of activity.

A party of six left as we arrived and there were around another ten people in and the fire was crackling with usual pub chat flowing between me and my three fellow walkers.

Apparently, The Barrel Inn is 1300 feet above sea level ensuring the views across the Hope Valley and Peak District are worth the walk.

Yes, it was bitterly cold for February and blizzard conditions at times but, the trudge through mud is worth it when you are walking up a valley knee deep in snow and arrive at a pub with views like this…

Barrel 13.02.18  (62).jpg

a roaring fire…

Barrel 13.02.18 (35)

and a top notch pint of EPA.

Barrel 13.02.18 (33)

I am looking forward to this being including in the 2019 GBG for the benefit of    Martin, Duncan and Si! 

The Midlands really is a green and pleasant land.

18 thoughts on “Roll Out The Barrel – Snow On The Peaks

  1. Such a delightful read. I love the idea of a long hike in the great outdoors followed by a well-earned pub visit, and this place (dating from 1597?– incredible!) sounds like an especially nice one. Here’s hoping I get to have such an experience someday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve reached an age where a good walk is great relaxation and possibly my best form of exercise 😀 it was freezing but a pub at the end of the walk tops it off nicely 👍 some great country pubs in the peaks off the beaten track if you know where to look…I look forward to hearing about your pub walk!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m guessing that was round trip. Did you start at the Miners Arms and swing by the Bulls Head Inn on the way back?

    But either way, great route (and view!) as long as you know a pint waits at the end. 🙂

    “However, it has had a lot added onto it including rooms and a smart new hotel/pub style entrance, ”

    Yep, that’s different from what Google Maps Street View shows (the covered entrance on the right is new).

    “The Midlands really is a green and pleasant land.”

    When it’s not covered in snow (j/k). 🙂

    As said above, that’s a great place to include on a bit of exercise. Typical view of the rolling hills of England. Big thumbs up!


    Liked by 1 person

      1. My Grandad used to live at ‘The Clough’, Stocksbridge, Sheffs. Essentially a house in a steep sided ravine with a river (what made the ravine) running along the bottom of it. Like I say, it’s a common name across S.Yorks. & Derbs.

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  3. It is listed in the 1994 “Derbyshire Ale” supplement as serving Draught Bass. IIRC it was originally a Stones tied house. I have visited once in the 1990s with John Clarke for the purpose of writing a feature on Peak District pubs for “Opening Times”.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great knowlege Mudge! No Bass but you don’t see EPA that often and it was well kept so clearly people are drinking it…It is amazing that pubs like this still carry on but well populated city/town ones don’t. Glad it was there mind as a real fillip after a trek!


  4. I called in here earlier today but found it so overwhelmingly food-oriented that I didn’t end up stopping. Much better weather than on your visit, though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Can’t criticise them for that, but if I’m only going to have one pint I’d prefer to have it somewhere more “pubby”. Agree it might be better at a quieter time, and to be honest good to see them doing a lively trade.

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