Spreadeagled In Etwall

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18 (1)

The Bass appreciation society have been in touch with me and complained of a lack of Bass pictures in recent posts…

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18  (2).jpg

…so here you go.

I should also add that not only was it a tidy pint of beer, but that it also came in at a very reasonable £2.80…

…so here’s the ‘after’ shot.

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18  (5).jpg

(one of the ‘bag men’ in the background vaping)

In terms of beer news, Etwall has hit the heights this year with the elevation of the Hawk and Buckle to the bible knows as the GBG.

However, whist that has received rave reviews a little further up the Main Street, opposite Derbyshire’s largest Secondary School known as John Port, sits a boozer that is very much for the locals of Etwall.

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18  (8).jpg

167 – The Spread Eagle DE65 6LP was nicely full when I ventured in on a Saturday at around 3pm with the Six Nations on in the background.  Not sure who was playing but I am pretty sure Italy were losing…heavily…once again…but we keep being told how exciting the games against Italy are…sorry I drifted off there.

This was one of those local boozers, which was full of old boys with ruddy complexions and slightly chunky figures and there also appeared to be at least three old boys with blue plastic bags.  You know the sort, the freebie or 5p jobs from places such as newsagents or Happy Shopper style shops.

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18 (9)

(what are you looking at!)

Mind you, this place wasn’t just a mecca for the grey pound as there are plenty of young lads playing pool in the front of the pub, which had Sky Sports on and the lure of Jeff Stelling was clearly (And quite rightly) more exciting as that section was packed.

A group of female fiftysomethings  came in after about half an hour after finishing a shift somewhere and got stuck in to the booze straight away and there was a feel that not many people had got in their cars to come here.

There was an old bloke with a Stetson style hat who kept blocking my view of the TV to talk to his pal and wouldn’t win any awards for being friendly but, on occasions, that happens in pubs and it was no hassle as I moved (twice) and just smiled!

He was certainly leading the annual cry for Georgia and Romania to be included into the Six Nations tournament that gains momentum about now then the Rugby bean counters realise they won’t sell out Twickenham against Romania and the idea goes back on the shelf.

Apparently, The Spread Eagle got its name from the crest of the Findern family from the nearby village into which one of Sir John Port’s daughters married. I’m pretty sure they’d be happy that almost 300 years on, the boozer is still in good nick and supported by the local community.

Etwall spread eagle 11.02.18  (11).jpg

Bass at under £3, a good mix of clientele, and sport on the TV ensured a thriving village local in South Derbyshire…a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

14 thoughts on “Spreadeagled In Etwall

  1. “but we keep being told how exciting the games against Italy are…sorry I drifted off there.”

    That’s a dig to recommend your relegation suggestion along the lines of regular footy. 🙂

    “You know the sort, the freebie or 5p jobs from places such as newsagents or Happy Shopper style shops.”

    And probably a mobility scooter outside? 😉

    “the boozer is still in good nick and supported by the local community.”

    Yep, certainly looks like the locals like it.

    By the way; for those of us over on this side of the pond the phrase “spread eagle” must have a different connotation altogether! (blush)

    Kind of like how over here ‘fanny’ means the rear end and not anything in the front! (blush again)


    PS – “as there plenty of young lads”

    Missing an are before plenty.

    “had got in there cars to come here.”

    ‘their’ 🙂

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  2. I have to agree with Pubmeister. In fact I’d go farther than to say it’s only the Six Nations which is a curse. It’s Rugby Union in general. Why oh why don’t people go to watch Rugby Union week in week out. There are loads of clubs up and down the British isles. Granted there are enclaves where they get a reasonable turn out for club games, but generally the support is reserved solely for test matches and then they all want to go to the pub in their corduroy trousers and watch it. At least us oiks go to watch RL week in week out and regularly go to the pub to watch footy on TV.

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