Is LE67 The Best Pub Postcode in Britain?


Is this the best postcode for pubs in Britain?

Highlighted above (not quite in the style of Martin!) are the boozers I’ve visited in the last seven months since I started blogging and you’ll be hard pushed to beat this place for ‘proper’ pubs.

LE67 is often maligned as a former mining area but it is constantly regenerating itself and still has a fantastic community spirit regards local boozers delivering some of the best I’ve seen in the Midlands

North West Leicestershire is the official region and you can still buy a pint for less than £3 in many of these hostelries.

I’ve currently notched up 17 in this region and whilst there are still a few more to visit and I reckon a couple more gems to uncover, the bar is already high for purveyors of top quality beer.

The one constant is the level of swearing throughout most of these places as this region has plenty of groups who like a pint and a laugh – serious highbrow conversations are not on the agenda. But the crackle of pub chat and beer drinking is alive and kicking in LE67.

Yes, there is a Micropub in this postcode along with a gastropub but, apart from one turkey; this is a collection of some of the finest traditional boozers in Britain with some of the funniest and friendliest characters.

The gauntlet is thrown down and who can compete with Bass, Bass from the jug, Pedigree, Coalville Town FC scarves, CAMRA Heritage pubs, darts leagues, snuff and comedy toilet doors.

A definite blast from the past but I can’t imagine there is a selection of towns/villages outside a city centre that has as much to offer your discerning drinker as LE67.

Pubs, in no particular order are (Coalville) Snibstone New Inn, Bitter And Twisted, Stamford And Warrington, Monkey Walk, The Victoria Bikers Pub (Swannington) Station Inn, Robin Hood (Ravenstone) Kings Arms (Heather) The Crown (Markfield) Coach And Horses (Peggs Green) The New Inn (Hugglescote) The Gate (Whitwick) The Black Horse (Coleorton) The Kings Arms (Ibstock) The Whimsey Inn (Griffydam) The Gelsmoor and (Thringstone) George And Dragon.

Subsequent additions have been (Whitwick) The White Horse and (Thornton) The Reservoir Inn



12 thoughts on “Is LE67 The Best Pub Postcode in Britain?

  1. Sadly, no canal nearby 😦

    The closest we’ve been is probably Snarestone on the Ashby Canal but haven’t been there for a good number of years. Shame, it looks to be a great place for proper pubs.

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  2. “(not quite in the style of Martin!)”

    LOL. No one quite has the style of Martin. 🙂

    As for the best pubcode, all I can say is…

    Does it include the A514? 🙂


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      1. Fair enough.

        But I still think it might be best to go by “road routes” rather than postcodes.

        On second thought, maybe a category for both. 😉😋


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  3. I have done all but three of those,quite a few done in 2012.
    I have not done the micro in Coalville,never been to Ibstock and done two pubs at Griffydam but not the one listed.
    I have done loads more pubs in the area over the years.

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    1. New Inn in Peggs Green takes some beating pal…micro in Coalville OK but Stamford and Warrington better in my opinion…boozer in ibstock was good a proper local whilst the place in Griffydam is primarily eating place


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