Bass From The Jug With The Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Derby station 10.03.18  (34).jpg

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Bass from a jug may not be a combination that immediately springs to mind but I was happy to try out this theory!

Of course, it is all in the name of research and which is the better view?


Derby station 10.03.18  (1).jpg

Or this…

Derby station 10.03.18  (11).jpg

I plumped for the latter and whilst a Derbyshire sunset on a Saturday evening is mightily impressive, I am afraid the sign of Bass from the jug beats it in terms of aesthetics!

This is a zone of Derby that is ripe for regeneration as this picture of the soon to be demolished (?) London Road Hospital shows..

Derby station 10.03.18  (46).jpg

and the site which used to contain Derby Diamonds cheerleaders…

Derby station 10.03.18  (5).jpg

but some things are surviving the cull, such as the DWICA

Derby station 10.03.18 (2)

…The Nightingale Homes…

Derby station 10.03.18  (10).jpg

and 173 – The Station Inn DE1 2SN, which is within spitting distance of Derby station but has been overlooked in recent times with other bars being on the ale trails and voted as CAMRA pubs of the year.

Derby station 10.03.18  (31).jpg

In fact, it got to such a stage that this gem of a pub was closed for a year but the gaffer was happy to promote his boozer when I popped in just as England were losing against France in the Six Nations.

Derby station 10.03.18  (13).jpg

It was around 5.45 and I was in there with only one other punter but the music was omnipresent in the function room/lounge at the back.

The tunes were absolutely banging and “Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran was next on the agenda and whilst I’m not sure how many punters the gaffer will attract in by selling Bass from the jug and playing Ed Sheeran it may inspire a whole new generation of Bass aficionados!

Derby station 10.03.18  (42).jpg

Anyway, I had a pint of Bass for just £2.80 and the gaffer told me that if I turned up on Mon-Thu it would be 20 pence cheaper!  Having subsequently read the article in the Derby Evening Telegraph… then value for money is obviously a selling point.

Derby station 10.03.18  (16).jpg

Nonetheless, it was pretty empty on Saturday considering England were playing France in the Six Nations on TV and Draught Bass was available from the jug.

The tunes were coming through loud and clear from the back room and when I spoke to the gaffer he said that this was an experiment and the bloke playing in the back was doing so for free and earning his spurs as a DJ so it was a win/win situation really.

Derby station 10.03.18  (33).jpg

To be fair, the sound system was good even if the music wasn’t my choice but the gaffer was optimistic it might attract a few more punters in later on and I sincerely hope it does.  There was also a pool table

Derby station 10.03.18  (20).jpg

and some top notch breweriana..

Derby station 10.03.18  (18).jpg

and windows…

Derby station 10.03.18  (25).jpg

…to ensure this place reaches its target audience.

A classic Derby boozer has been given a new lease of life since December and whilst it is still finding its feet and attracting its market there are definitely enough people in the vicinity to make sure this succeeds.

Derby station 10.03.18  (29).jpg


38 thoughts on “Bass From The Jug With The Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

  1. “but some things are surviving the cull, such as the DWICA”

    After looking at the area on Google View, I can understand why. 😉

    “this was an experiment and the bloke playing in the back was doing so for free and earning his spurs as a DJ so it was a win/win situation really.”

    Yep. Good bit of give and take there. I like it. (thumbs up)

    “and some top notch breweriana..”

    I think only someone like Alan could a pub crawl like the one listed on that sign in a day. 🙂

    “there are definitely enough people in the vicinity to make sure this succeeds.”

    If any of them are like Martin that shouldn’t be a problem!


    PS – “…to esnure this place”

    Remember the old rule; ‘n’ before ‘s’, except after ‘c’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Although I’ve been drinking in Derby quite a few times I’d never been in this particular pub. I was aware of it, though, and it’s great news that it’s back in business.

    Of the pubs I’ve visited in Derby the Dolphin must be my favourite. It’s one of those places where the city centre is an annoyingly long way from the station 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Although I respect and uphold the views and fads of others. What’s with this ‘from the jug’ thing all about? I don’t get it myself. None too sure about a pub that has a leftover pint from the night before sat on the bar neither, at 5.45pm as well?

    Would be a shame to pull the hospital building down, it’s quite attractive and interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Fair point Rich…I like a bit of tradition so will try bass from the jug but equally happy with draught bass and arguably prefer that…that pint on the bar was mine he’d just poured so fresh as a daisy! It’s a nice looking building do hopefully the fact it hasn’t been demolished yet means it might be reused


  4. Wow, well done Ian, glad you got to the Station. Been on my list but I thought it was done for.

    NB I can show you how to activate the “No Yorkshiremen” if you want to block Richard. I don’t know about Canadians.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I quite like Richard’s input as it confirms the stereotype that Yorkhshireman are contrary buggers! Russ is also useful as I like a transatlantic perspective and he doubles up as my proof reader ! The Station is hopefully going to survive and fair play to the gaffer for the best ‘staged’ picture this year.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. “Where’s Russ when you need him 😉”

        Entertaining some of my wife’s cousins this weekend. 😏

        Note to those reading this who aren’t yet married; you might want to think twice about someone from a large family.* 😜


        * – just kidding! But… for the record my wife is one of 12 and her mother was one of 18! 😱

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  5. Went in here yesterday and can confirm it’s a splendid proper basic boozer. Bass from the handpump rather than the jug, though, but at a bargain £3 a pint. They also had Brains Bitter as a guest ale. There was a sign outside saying “New landlord needed”.

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