Two Hundred At The Tap

Derby Tap 29.03.18 (9)

This blog title wasn’t me counting how many people I’d spotted…but two hundred pubs is a landmark and I celebrated by having a drink in the county where I have notched up most of my boozers.

Well, it was another pub on my pal’s mini stag do, as we visited Derby centre on a Thursday.  All you statisticians out there know pub bloggers like a stat and of the 200 hostelries frequented the tally looks like this:

Derbyshire (86) Leicestershire (39) West Midlands (37) Staffordshire (28) Nottinghamshire (8) Lincolnshire (2)

Martin, Duncan, Si, Alan, Mudgie and Rich have all visited well in excess of this modest total on their travels but it does mean there are plenty of boozers out there for me to check out in order to play catch up.


Shropshire, Herefordshire, Northamptonshire and Worcestershire are currently untouched whilst great swathes of Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands remain ripe for visiting.

I’m counting the Midlands as anywhere that used to feature on Star Soccer in the Hugh Johns era so don’t neglect the lure of regions in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire…the possibilities are endless!

Anyway, on to the landmark pub situated next to the River Derwent, a classic corner boozer 200 – The Tap DE1 2ED.

DErby central x2 29.03.18 (1)

I like the confidence of the Derby Brewing Company in just calling it The Tap as opposed to naming the Brewery in the title and they’ve done a good job on this place since rescuing it from the bulldozers in 2008 after it had been shut for two years.

Derby Tap 29.03.18  (3).jpg

It was built in 1862 and is a gorgeous venue with high ceilings but has undergone modernisation and was a previous Derby CAMRA pub of the year.

Derby Tap 29.03.18  (1).jpg

For whatever reason I’ve not necessarily warmed to Derby Brewing Company beers in the past but this pub is moving with the times and there were plenty of high chairs, good food and a vast selection of beers.

Derby Tap 29.03.18  (6).jpg

It’s a cracking looking pub and the barman was helpful and friendly but what was noticeable was it seemed much quieter than either The White Horse/Castle and Falcon/Standing Order. This is a trend I have seen a lot of during daytime opening pubs.  It seems to be the ‘earthier’ a pub is, the more punters it has in during the day.

Nevertheless, the stag and I had a bit of craft with Hopocrisy (six degrees north) and very tidy it was too.

Derby Tap 29.03.18 (2)

A pub that has been rescued by a brewery who are making a name for themselves in terms of rejuvenating derelict boozers and this was definitely attracting the office workers, couples and foodies during the day…oh yes, and a couple of blokes on a stag do in Derby!

7 thoughts on “Two Hundred At The Tap

  1. It was called the Brewery Tap when it first reopened, i took my wife in it on its first week of opening.
    I agree about DBC beers nothing special about them.
    I quite liked the pub when it was the Royal Standard an Ansells tied house.

    It looks like Birmingham City are taking it down to the wire, not good for you Ian, with both Burton Albion and Barnsley winning today, are you going next Sunday to see the outcome.

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  2. Congrats on No.200. That’s actually quite a fair rate !

    That Tap opened with a bit of fanfare at the start of the decade but has dropped down the Derby CAMRA pecking order a bit, but I suspect it’s still better than anything in 99% of Scottish towns.

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  3. First off, congrats on the 200. (thumbs up)

    And don’t worry about keeping score with Martin or Si or the rest. ‘Tis not a race, but a journey. 🙂

    “the stag and I had a bit of craft with Hopocrisy”

    Love the name, and I would have plumped for that as well.

    “and this was definitely attracting the office workers, couples and foodies during the day”

    It bodes well if they’re getting a good mix in (and your stag thingy doesn’t count as it was a one off). (LOL)


    PS – My replies will probably be nonexistent for the next 10 or 12 days as I’m off to visit my sainted mother who, alas, has no Internet. Plus my brother is coming in from France so when we’re not keeping her company we’ll be busy knocking back a few pints. 🙂

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