Blue Is The Colour: Celebrating Survival In Thrussington

Blue Lion 06.05.18  (7).jpg

Some facts about Thrussington (a) It’s got a population of around 600 people (b) it has two pubs (c) it’s got a bus service to Melton Mowbray and (d) it’s next door to Brooksby Melton College, home of Mansfield Town’s Academy.

The fourth fact might be the most surprising considering The Stags ground is around 38 miles away but ever more ingenious ways to offer youngsters the chance to be professional footballers mean their 16+ programme runs from Brooksby, described on Wikipedia as ‘a deserted village’ next to a village with around 600 inhabitants and a 76 mile round trip to get to Field Mill (or whatever it’s called these days).

As it happens, it appears that the programme is successful and as I was in the vicinity I thought I would stay with the football theme and celebrate Birmingham avoiding the drop with an improbable win over Fulham.

Garry Monk is arguably only being usurped by Darren Moore in Birmingham for performing miracles and having missed the game due to work commitments I thought I’d celebrate in style at 206 – The Blue Lion – LE7 4UD.

It was a classic village pub – very imposing – and there was a beer garden party in full flow when I arrived at about 3.30 on Sunday afternoon.

(Riley in full flow)

Blue Lion 06.05.18  (11).jpg

Whilst Martin and Duncan can celebrate titles with their respective clubs it is more paltry fare that constitutes a celebration for Birmingham fans (or Burton for that matter). Therefore avoiding relegation on the final day for the third time in five years is the equivalent of Champions League qualification!
I have to say the good people of Thrussington didn’t seem too concerned about the result of the Championship as this is deep in the heart of Leicestershire farmland.  So it will most likely be the Tigers but could also be the Premier League that interest them  since Leicester won it but Birmingham beating Fulham clearly wasn’t top of the agenda.

And who could blame them?  It was a rare Bank Holiday scene of sunshine and with a massive bouncy castle, outside bar and live music  in the beer garden then it was a classic British village boozer.

Blue Lion 06.05.18  (2).jpg

The two man beat combo, Riley, were melting in the sun but still managing to bang out some classic tunes, Erasure was being belted out when I was in the beer garden but it was standing room only.

The gaffer was also melting inside but clearly knows how to keep his beer as the barmaid pulled me a pint of Saddle Tank and he said “don’t drink that it’s the end of the barrel,” and went off to change it.

Blue Lion 06.05.18  (13).jpg

I had a more than decent Pedigree (Marston’s) instead but noticed he spent a good while afterwards pulling through the Saddle Tank so clearly knows his stuff, as that isn’t always the case.

However, a crisis was looming as a friendly bloke walked in with a massive straw hat and ordered some gins but was told there was no ice left!

“This is almost a crisis he said,” with tongue firmly in cheek.  “The girls won’t drink gin without ice.” However, he was supping his pint whilst he contemplated life so clearly it wasn’t a crisis that was playing on his mind too much!

He suggested, in true pub banter fashion, that he might have to pop to The Star down the road and get some ice and I’m not sure whether the ‘crisis’ was averted as it was time to go.

Blue Lion 06.05.18 (12)

This was quintessentially British.  A classic village pub, packed to the rafters with a beer garden and lots of families set to drink into the night…

On a day like today, I had to drink in a pub with Blue in its title

16 thoughts on “Blue Is The Colour: Celebrating Survival In Thrussington

  1. Another entertaining tale…and well done to the Blues!

    What caught my eye, though, was an occurrence that I’m amazed still happens in 2018 – a pub running out of ice…aaargh! Over the 40+ years I’ve been drinking this has been very commonplace, but that it still happens in the 21st Century still beggars belief. (And what’s even more galling is that most people seem to accept it!)

    Having lived for a few years in Australia I’m appreciative of a pub that always has ice and top marks go to any that keeps the lager glasses in the fridge.

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    1. That’s a very fair point Pete! With a scorching hot Bank Holiday, pub entertainment and the chance to sell lots of drinks you would have thought that might be sorted….someone somewhere probably got a flea in their eear!

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    1. If I look at blog on my PC there is a calendar at the side and shows you month by month? On my phone there is a ‘show’ option above the title and if you click that it should bring up month?


  2. The Blue Lion is of course home to one of the greatest pieces of sporting silverware of them all. The team cup for the annual Skittles On The Green midsummer jamboree is kept polished beautifully at the pub, a village tradition that’s been running for around 60 years I believe. The overall highest score for the weekend was in line for a Pig back when all men knew how to handle pigs, nowadays it’s merely bragging rights amongst Long Alley skittlers the length and breadth of the Wreake Valley…

    Great pub!

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