Chestnut Tree And Pear Tree

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (28)

After my recent rant against local authority and public transport I realise it is time to give the punters what they want again.

And what do the punters want exactly?  Estate pubs are definitely on the list…the sort of places Alan Winfield can spot a mile off.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (25)

Throw in a PC and a WPC talking to a bloke in a car on the car park and its ‘estate’ credibility went up another notch.

I didn’t think taking a picture of that was a particularly good idea so I thought I’d keep my head down and walk inside 210 – The Chestnut Tree DE23 8PJ in the Pear Tree suburb of Derby.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (22)

With the tremendous Ramgarhia Gurdwara Temple prominent in the background then this boozer, like many in Brum, has been taken over as a proper pub selling Indian food.

Like all good estate pubs there was no cask on so I had a pint of Mongoose and there were a couple of lads playing cards with a backdrop of old school Ska/reggae music before the Arctic Monkeys and This House Is A Circus shattered that vibe.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (2)

The pub was basically one big room with a function room also available and as with all estate pubs it likes its football, although this is true of most pubs in Derby and there is the obligatory Clough/Taylor mural…

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (11).jpg

…Rams badge…

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (9).jpg

as well as a big screen showing Sky Sports.

Chuck into the mix a juke box, pool table and darts board and the place looks pretty smart inside.

In fact, there was clearly a lot of success with their pool team although blurred pictures (see above) mean I’ve forgotten exactly what it was!

I like the modern estate multicultural mix as the pub was being run by a British Asian guy and there was a mix of punters from all backgrounds in there, which was great to see.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (14).jpg

Normanton and Pear Tree wouldn’t win any awards as Derby’s most sought after postcodes but it is great to see a pub like this surviving and selling Indian food although, ironically, the two British Asian guys playing cards were just tucking into a big bowl of chips.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (17).jpg

I like pubs like this because if you are local, you are in the gang and welcome at all times.  It was friendly enough for me too and with bench seating, a classic vinyl disco of a weekend and lots of houses in close proximity this is a welcome throwback.

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (6)

This is what people want to read about – pubs they aren’t likely to visit – I’m back on track!

Chestnut Tree 10.05 (29).jpg

9 thoughts on “Chestnut Tree And Pear Tree

  1. Brilliant. Love the chips line. A “multi cultural melting pot” as CAMRA’s GBG used to awkwardly call the similar White Lion in Walsall. Have you been to the Vine in West Brom ?; very similar though they have a lone (excellent) beer on hand pump.

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  2. A cracking post. We need more British Asians running pubs. Derby – there can’t be another area where so many pubs hark to a brief period of football glory so long ago. (Note…I am in no way bitter!)

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  3. Great post Life After Football – perfectly tuned to the punters needs (well – certainly mine) makes me think that I need to get into a some more estate pubs – a pub type I have pretty much overlooked so far. It will probably be just the antidote I need for too many dining pubs.

    With reference to the previous public transport rant – had to laugh when I spotted your beer mat….

    What was the Mongoose like?

    Decent quality lacings – so must have been a quality beer…

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    1. I have to say sourcing estate style pubs is harder as they are few and far between nowadays. Great spot from you!!! Arriva bus travel subsidising Christmas travel but clearly not buses to Coxbench! The Mongoose was a decent lager. It would be classed as ‘premium’ as more expensive than Carling/Foster’s but a decent enough pint. I look forward to seeing pictures of you on the Mongoose in the near future!

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  4. Looks like a good place. It brings into play the debate around whether this sort of pub should be a destination venue or is it just for the folk that live there? And if it is a destination venue, who for? Pub tickers, or the masses, and would they ever go?
    Essentially, are pub tickers simply butterfly collectors, and don’t butterflies survive best when left alone?

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  5. Good question Rich…I think this place is always going to serve the locals but, and I’ve seen this work in Birmingham, with god Indian food can come a reputation that attracts punters from outside the locality. Fundamentally, it needs to serve the masses and clearly there is little call for cask ale in this area so it’s not on.
    It definitely needs to appeal to a greater audience than just pub tickers as I think that’s where some GBG pubs don’t get it quite right. Commerically, you need to appeal to the many, not the few.


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