Five You Might Have Missed…


With this blog approaching the 250 mark at a rate of knots I thought I would create a Blast From The Past and dredge up five boozers I think are worth a visit from the first 25 pubs I posted on.

Derby CAMRA has a thankless task trying to shoehorn some classic pubs into its GBG quota but I reckon a place must be looming soon for The Admiral Rodney Inn in Harsthorne .

Not only does it have a great turnover of fantastic beers, it is very much wet led with bar snacks the only food offerings and, better still, it has arguably the best beer garden in South Derbyshire as Hartshorne CC are attached to the back of the boozer and you can sit watching all levels of cricket with some of the best beer in the county.

23 IOTG 4 15.08.17

The Inn On The Green in Acocks Green, a suburb of Birmingham is a fantastic building that is the focal point of the village. Apart from a Wetherspoons, most of the bars in this area are biting the dust but Brendon Daly has turned this around and it is a beer haven in a place you’d probably least expect it.  A proper spit and sawdust boozer with live music, fantastic characters you didn’t know still existed in Birmingham and also part of the No 11 Ale Trail, which shines the spotlight on some of Brum’s’ less touristy areas’ putting it mildly.

28 Craven 5 18.08.17

Staying in the Second city and The Craven Arms is a well-known boozer situated at the back of Brum’s gleaming Mailbox.  Not only did it possess arguably the best hanging baskets I’ve seen since I started blogging but it also had a queue of people waiting for it to open at midday.  It’s that good!   I think this is the best Black Country Ales pub in the Midlands and has a cracking atmosphere and an old-fashioned feel.

20 R Sun 1 12.08.17

Dipping back into Derbyshire and The Rising Sun in Willington is well worth a visit.  One of three pubs in the space of about 150 yards in Willington village it was arguably the one that looked most likely to go.  However, it’s had a refurb and offers a free juke box, live sports and some top notch ales along with a lively atmosphere.  The Dragon is also worth noting and has much more of a food offering along with beers from the excellent Boot Brewery.

24 New Inn 10 17.08.17

Finally, if you want to visit the ‘most like an estate pub in a town centre’ then that award went to Snibstone New Inn in the centre of Coalville.  Not much in the way of food but decent beer, pool tables, Coalville Town FC scarves, silent locals at the bar, lively locals at the tables and live sports on a veritable array of screens then this place has a good thoroughfare and is also next to a fantastic Turkish barbers!

All the posts are listed below but are all worth a trip to in their own right…


8 thoughts on “Five You Might Have Missed…

  1. “and you can sit watching all levels of cricket ”

    Is that like having terraces? (LOL)

    “but it also had a queue of people waiting for it to open at midday.”

    That right there speaks highly for it.

    “Dipping back into Derbyshire and The Rising Sun in Willington is well worth a visit.”

    From the photo it rings a bell. Whether from another blog or perhaps something by Colston. Not sure which.

    “Snibstone New Inn”

    I think I’m still jet lagged (even though it’s been two days already). I read that as the Shipstone New Inn. (blush)

    Congrats on the upcoming #250 post. 🙂


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  2. Quite amazing how our blog posts have hidden links – do you notice that too? Just looked up Admiral Rodney out of curiosity, and it turns out he is buried in Old Alresford – close to where I did the ‘All Aboard for Alresford’ blog post. More on him here…,_1st_Baron_Rodney

    Congratulations on your 250th post by the way and keep up the good work – really enjoying your blog…

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