At (Shrewsbury) Loggerheads With Lazy Journalism

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18  (3).jpg

One (of the many things) that irritates me is lazy journalism.  Having just returned from work and turned on the TV to note that Fulham have consigned Derby to another season of fixtures with Birmingham City, I watched the post-match interview with goalscorer Ryan Sessignon and subsequent analysis.

I lost count of the number of times I heard ‘for his age.’  Bloody hell, he’s not in nappies.  He’s played a shed loads of games, has won a World Cup for his country at Under 17 level, so is hardly going to be phased by a play-off game at Craven Cottage.

No doubt, we’ll be hearing the phrase’ for one so young’such a tender age,’ and ‘relatively inexperienced’ in the play-off final at Wembley later this month.

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18  (5).jpg

Basically, he’s an old school talent who is actually playing games in his teenage years as opposed to turning out for the Under 23’s and playing meaningless games before being released…

Anyway, this has little relevance to the post aside from the fact that Shrewsbury saw off Charlton last night to reach the League One Play off final and I visited a couple of cracking pubs in the town last month.

Shrews Loggerheads x2 07.04.18  (4).jpg

213 – The Loggerheads SY1 1UG was my first port of call with my two pals and this is a GBG staple and well documented on pub blogging sites.

Shrews Loggerheads x2 07.04.18  (1).jpg

I can see why as well as it has reputedly been a boozer since 1780 although recently relented and allowed women to drink in all areas of the pub!

(Walter Morris broke the mould!)

Shrews Loggerheads x2 07.04.18  (3).jpg

It’s got four rooms and is an absolute warren inside…

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18  (13).jpg

…and whilst it was much quieter than both The Bull Inn and Hole In The Wall, it had a relaxed Saturday night vibe and a steady stream of punters.

The final piece of historical information is that the pub’s name is a reference to the three leopard’s faces’ depicted on the Shrewsbury coat of arms.

In other news…I had a very decent pint of London Gold (Young’s)…

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18  (15).jpg

…and the opportunity to have a good chat with my pals in an atmosphere that was conducive to drinking and chatting.

(He wasn’t playing) 

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18 (10)

(nor was she)

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18 (17)

That wasn’t a negative observation as both of my pals loved this place and it is clearly a place that attracts lots of pub tickers and beer aficionados whilst also catering for the locals too.

(We came on the wrong day!)

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18 (12)

Which was also true of our next destination 214 – Yorkshire House SY1 1DX as this was absolutely packed to the rafters with a very different clientele.

SHrews Yorkshire House 07.04.18 (9)

It’s a Grade II listed building with a belting jukebox and is definitely a ‘rock’ bar…

SHrews Yorkshire House 07.04.18 (1)

…We got involved in a conversation with a group of girls who were talking marathons but we were keener on a beer marathon and this place was definitely set up for that.

SHrews Yorkshire House 07.04.18  (5).jpg

A pint of Golden Thread (Salopian) was excellent and this felt like a proper Saturday night pub with a crackling atmosphere and lots of noise.

SHrews Yorkshire House 07.04.18  (7).jpg

Whilst it was clearly a rock bar the jukebox was hijacked by someone with similar music taste to me as I heard Elvis Costello “Pump It Up” and then the full version of “WFL” by The Happy Mondays (sadly no Bez dancers on show), which is an absolute stonking Saturday night tune and brought back memories for me from the early nineties.

Once again, these places convinced me that Shrewsbury is a party town and, as Mudgie suggested in the comments section, a real Jekyll and Hyde town between the hours of darkness and light.

(A decent bit of livery) 

SHrews Yorkshire House 07.04.18 (12)

And there was clearly no one of Ryan Sessignon’s age in either boozer and there appeared to be a raft of experienced drinkers in both.

Proof, if it was needed, that the more you do it, the better you get…just ask Ryan.

Shrews Loogerheads 07.04.18  (1).jpg


14 thoughts on “At (Shrewsbury) Loggerheads With Lazy Journalism

  1. I sharn’t get into a p*ssing match with regards to journalists these days. (rolls eyes)

    Instead, let me comment on your photos:

    The second one (Gent only); I take it 1975 was when transgender was introduced? (winks)

    The third one (Poet’s corner); love it! (must put that phrase to memory) 🙂

    The sixth one (Loggerhead licencees); Ah, back before real loggerheads in Canada had been invented. 😉

    The seventh one (view behind the bar); bloody hell – a double vodka and Red Bull would definitely keep me going all day every day!

    The eleventh one (cheap beer); argh! indeed the wrong bloody day. 🙂

    The seventeenth one (last); Seen it before but still worth a giggle. 🙂


    PS – “as I head Elvis Costello”

    Hopefully you meant heard; not that you nutted Elvis!

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  2. The one thing I regret about the Loggerheads is that it no longer serves Draught Bass. It was a Bass tied house for many years (like plenty of others in Shrewsbury) and even kept it on for a while after Marston’s bought it.

    That Thomas Greenall’s Original plaque takes me back to the 80s. My dad and I were once in a pub and were approached by a woman doing a market research survey about the potential introduction of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fact I didn’t know it used to be a Bass house is probably good news as that may have left me wondering what if!!! That’s incredible…I can’t imagine punters are every consulted now? What did you say?


  3. Enjoy the mixed football and pub reports. Guess you were playing high level first team at a young age. When I watch youth football there are very few physical challenges so players do not learn to cope with it, sometimes until it is too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The scrapping of the reserve league in England was a massive retrograde step as it gave competitive games against seasoned professionals in your own stadium…if you look across Europe (including Scotland) then if players are good enough they play, whatever the age.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suppose that’s why the bigger clubs loan so many out. Think Chelsea loaned out more than 20 players last season, most of whom will never get near a first team place. We had best stick to the beer….

        Liked by 1 person

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