In The Midnight Hour

Shrews Morgans 07.04.18 (9)

More often than not pub tickers rack up a lot of their scores during the day/early evening.  The bane of many #pubmen is the boozer that doesn’t open in the afternoon or, alternatively, the Micropub that is shut for three days of the week.

However, what happens when you want a pint after midnight but don’t want to pretend you’re still in your thirties and hit a nightclub?

Step forward 216 – Morgan’s SY1 1HU which is a decent boozer without any hassle at 12.30 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Shrews Morgans 07.04.18  (10).jpg

It is The Exchange Hotel’s bar in the middle of Shrewsbury and has a decent bit of brewing history with both Wem Brewery and Greenall Whitley running it in the past until Greenalls sold it in 1988.

However, 2008 saw a takeover from Quintin Morgan, hence the bar name, and has had a few refurbishments since then.

I had a very nice pint of Pravha with my two pals and I and it felt like a place I might take Mrs BB at the end of the night.

Shrews Morgans 07.04.18  (2).jpg

I’ve visited quite a few boozers in Shrewsbury and am fully aware a lot of the classic ‘Ale Trail’ pubs haven’t registered.  Nonetheless, it is clearly a top town for totting and The Hole In The Wall/Yorkshire House are pubs that are as good as anything atmosphere wise I have seen for a long time.

Morgan’s is a decent boozer in Shrewsbury that purportedly sells cask ale but I couldn’t see any however, it was a good end to a top notch evening in a town I will definitely be visiting again.

(both of my pals enjoying the ‘ambience’)

Shrews Morgans 07.04.18  (5).jpg




4 thoughts on “In The Midnight Hour

  1. “but don’t want to pretend you’re still in your thirties and hit a nightclub?”

    Ah… honesty. 🙂

    “a place I might take Mrs BB at the end of the night.”

    I was going to say something risque but Mrs BB deserves better than that. 😉

    “(both of my pals enjoying the ‘ambience’)”

    Again, was thinking of something utilising “wood” or some such, but I’ll stick with ‘it looks like one of your pals is *cough* ‘logging’ on’. (LOL)


    PS – “had a few refurbishment s since then”

    More of a minor nit (to keep my hand in) but the refurb needs an apostrophe. 🙂

    Oh and do you lot know when I’m up to my arse in other things? I have a busy day and that’s when you decide to do multiple posts. (j/k) 🙂

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    1. Mrs BB ejoys your risque approach to the comments section Russ…she’d be disappointed if wood and palces I’d liek to take her weren’t used in the Finbarr Saunders sense! My clubbing days I fear, are long behind me otherwise I may look a littel bit sad!


  2. Grenall Shitley – not encountered them for some years. Mrs C comes from Runcorn where it was ubiquitous. I tried and tried it when out with her old man (coincidentally an ex footballer). I could never manage more than four pints of the Bitter without feeling bilious, even though it tasted well kept. I even tried the mild, which was the drink of the older local blokes but that didn’t suit neither.

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