Spin Doctors In Shrewsbury

Shrews Boathouse x2 08.04.18

Alistair Campbell would have been proud of the line I was spun by one of the barmaids/managers in 215 – The Boathouse SY3 8JQ.

“I’m not just saying this cause I work here but this pub is a MAJOR attraction in Shrewsbury.”  I’m pretty sure when Russ comes over from Canada or Dave visits from the States then The Boathouse is likely to be behind the following attractions (in no particular order).

Shrews Boathouse 08.04.18  (1).jpg

Shrewsbury Cathedral, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Battlefield Falconry Centre, Shrewsbury Abbey, Attingham Park, St. Chad’s Church, Hawkstone Park Follies, Greenhous Meadow, Shropshire Regimental Museum, Theatre Severn, Charles Darwin Statue and even The Loggerheads boozer are likely to be above the Boathouse on a bucket list.

Of course, in this weekend of the FA Cup final Martin would make a beeline for the site of the old Gay Meadow football ground as this is where Manchester City succumbed to a famous FA Cup defeat against Shrewsbury in an era of Paul Power and the like back in 1979 (when it still mattered).

shrewsbury away 1978 to 79 action

However, when my pal and I rolled up in The Boathouse on a Sunday evening it was certainly a good place for a ‘business’ meeting.  After a slightly more hectic Saturday evening and a busy Sunday working then this was definitely a chilled, laid back vibe at around 9.30 on a Sunday evening.

Shrews Boathouse 08.04.18  (5).jpg

In the barmaid’s defence it was certainly an impressive place with the beer patio view over the River Severn somewhat spectacular but I didn’t hear too many transatlantic accents so I’m not sure it was full of tourists.

Shrews Boathouse 08.04.18  (9).jpg

The beer was excellent and I had a nice pint of Ubu (Purity) with background music of Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye adding to the vibe whilst we watched the Masters on my pal’s laptop.

Shrews Boathouse 08.04.18  (7).jpg

It was, aside from us, a couples place,  and the only sign of any consternation came when a (non working) member of staff had come in asking for food after the 9.30 cut off point and the barmaid spin doctor and the barman were giving short shrift to this proposal and it added a little bit of drama!

A good pub, decent beer, good views and a place to watch the world go by but, I have to say, possibly not one of the MAJOR tourist attractions in Shrewsbury.

Shrews Boathouse 08.04.18  (8).jpg

15 thoughts on “Spin Doctors In Shrewsbury

  1. Left me wondering about the cider pump clip? It’s Weston’s ‘Rosies Pig’ but says Hand Brake on it (I’ll have to do some research on that). It’s not that what’s worrying me, it’s the words ‘Cloudy Cider’. As if it’s an apology. Cider is naturally cloudy, and it’s only the mainstream mass produced pasteurised and filtered varieties that have made Joe public think that cider is a some sort of fizzy, clear golden (mostly) liquid, that may or may not taste of apples. I did quite a bit of professional work on alcohol issues in Leeds and was surprised to learn that many of the cheaper & stronger varieties have a) never seen an apple – pure artificial flavouring/colouring and b) are not fermented – industrial alcohol diluted down to appropriate strength!

    Getting back on track. Why can’t things be cloudy, why do marketing people have to make an excuse for it being cloudy (some are actually using it as a strength now). It’s only because joe public is conditioned to think certain things. And it’s the exactly the same with clear or hazy beer.

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      1. Did we advance, or were we taken somewhere? And then kept there by manipulation. I like the fact we have so many different pathways to meander along these days. The only thing spoiling it is the presence of a few mega brewers who continue to manipulate people to travel their own road to homologous taedium vitae.

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  2. Sad to say, but when we did visit Shrewsbury Loggerheads came out ahead of the Boathouse on our places to visit list. We apparently need to go back.

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  3. The Boathouse was rather severely refurbished maybe about a decade ago, leaving the interior pretty characterless. Also very foody.

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  4. “The Boathouse is likely to be behind the following attractions (in no particular order).”

    I’m glad you said no particular order because the Loggerheads would probably be tops for me (well, any pub actually). 🙂

    “so I’m not sure it was full of tourists.”

    It’s off season still. 😉

    “A good pub, decent beer, good views and a place to watch the world go by but, I have to say, possibly not one of the MAJOR tourist attractions in Shrewsbury.”

    I’ll agree, to a point. 🙂

    I’m being a bit ‘dickish’* I’ll admit, but my idea of seeing the sights is with the aim of finding a place right afterwards to have a pint and talk about it. If this place has decent beer, good views and a place to watch the world go by I’d be more than happy to make a beeline to it right after sightseeing… if that makes sense.


    * – no offense meant to Dick (or Dave). 🙂

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    1. If you said you were bing a bit Daveish would that offend Dave (or Dick)? It is a nice place and sitting on the waterfront does appeal. I like it but not sure it is THE major attaction as being advertised by a very enthusiasitc employee….My pal and I were ‘tourists’ so that counts as two!


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