The Willington Triangle

7 Green Man Willington Triangle Map

The Willington Triangle is undoubtedly one of the best 100 metres pub crawl in Britain. Three boozers; all selling top class beer, all within 100 yards of Willington Train Station and generally heaving on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The pubs are pretty good at working in tandem and all reaping the benefits such as the recent (annual) Willington Raft Race where hundreds of punters pour into the village after a race that start at Newton Solney and ends in Willington.

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (85).jpg

There’s also an annual Boxing Day tug ‘o’ war over the River Trent organised between The Dragon and its Repton Counterpart The Boot and it appears to be that all  three boozers have finally found their niche

However, since I started blogging almost a year ago I hadn’t visited the final point of the Willington Triangle and I needed to sort that out.

It’s two competitors had already provided me with a belting Saturday night

and the final piece of the jigsaw is another cracker.

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (52).jpg

And why wouldn’t it be as it sells the ultimate pint of nectar

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (49).jpg

which was in great form.

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (50).jpg

It also sold a terrific pint of DCUK (Dancing Duck) and our party of eight indulged in along with, apparently, a very good pint of Guinness to boot and lashings of humorous pub ‘bants.’

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (46).jpg

244 – The Green Man DE65 6BQ was a perfect meeting point for a stag do that has been well recorded on this blog.  Nonetheless, this was a great starting point at midday on a Thursday and the gaffer was delighted to see us as we probably increased his usual Thursday trade between midday and 1:05pm (train to Brum was at quarter past) tenfold!

Anyway, he took pictures of the party and generally made us feel hugely welcome and that nothing was too much trouble.

(some of the party but not me!)

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (62).jpg

I’m going to put my neck on the block here and say are there any better village centres in Britain where there are three pubs in such close proximity (100 yards – check it out on whatpub?) and you can have a different but equally pleasurable experience in all three.

However, by way of contrast must add in that very much on the outskirts of the village (i.e. the A50 services) there is a bit of a turkey in the form of The Cherry Tree Farm…

…but the village centre is a remarkable sight on a Saturday night and The Green Man is a gem.

7  Green Man 31.05.18  (55).jpg

I’m more than happy to disappear into The Willington Triangle and never return!


25 thoughts on “The Willington Triangle

  1. “where hundreds of punters pour into the village after a race”

    I thought a punter was the guy betting on the race. 😉

    “(some of the party but not me!)”

    You take after RM then in that regard. 🙂

    “I’m going to put my neck on the block here and say are there any better village centres in Britain where there are three pubs in such close proximit”

    I’d say yes, as you lot over there still have some remarkable town centres with little bits of heaven. 🙂

    “I’m more than happy to disappear into The Willington Triangle and never return!”

    Somehow I think Mrs Life might have a word or two to say about that! (LOL)


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    1. I’m not photogenic Russ 😀 Mrs BB could join me in the triangle as she loves The Dragon….and yes you’re right us English like to bleat but we have done fantastic pubs and sport still cheers


    1. It’s well worth it Dick – direct line to Birmingham, Burton, Derby or Nottingham and you could pop in and be done in about an hour and half I reckon!!! All of them open at midday every day too so plenty of opportunities…


  2. “all within 100 yards of Willington Train Station”

    And even closer to the canal.

    Stopped here several times, but never been into the Rising Sun! (My boating companions “didn’t like the look of it” last time…aaargh!!)

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  3. My Wednesday night quiz local. The landlord used to have the Malt at Aston (my Tuesday night quiz local). Sad, I know. No DCUK currently as Heinken have bought it from Punch and reduced the choice. But they are planning big investment in the pub. Look at your pic and the chunk of the building on the left is not currently evident when you are inside that pub. That’s cos it’s out of use, a huge waste. It will soon be brought back into use and the prospects for the Green Man will be even brighter then.
    But, we want our DCUK back!!

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    1. Great news about the investment in the pub as it’s in a great locatioon and has really improved since the takeover from the ex Malt gaffer. Not sure the Heineken takeover will improve things though if we can’t have DCUK on the bar…


  4. Looks good. A suspicious amount of carbonation on the inside of both glasses – suggests cask breathers to me? Not a bad thing, if it lengths the life of the product for the pub. Not always welcomed by real ale die-hards. The longer the CO2 is on top of the beer, the more will dissolve, the more will be released when it is poured/warms up in the glass. I’m ambivalent, but would prefer it without, but that means less beer OTB and that could mean just GK IPA?

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    1. I’m with you on not being a diehard so if it allows decent beer a bit longer shelf life and it still tastes very good then no problems with me. Good knowledge by the way. GK IPA is fine if it’s kept well and arguably a better alternative to Brew XI on keg…

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      1. Remember my old man having Brew X on cask in 36’s and 54’s, back in the 70’s. Brew X on two pumps and ELB on the other. He only got the Hogsheads in at busy times and they had to lower them down the drop with a block and tackle hooked to the frame of the dray wagon. Used to fascinate me watching the dray men doing it.

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      2. Cheers mate, your thoughts are appreciated. He and Mum ran a pub (Rose & Crown, Ingbirchworth) for 26 years, until 1991, and he was actually retired for 27 years before he passed away at 88 years old, so he didn’t do so bad, and it has to come to us all at some time.

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      3. Someone’s just commented on another of my posts slating the practice! Like you say, if it helps a bit. I might like to see a couple of non-aspirated beers rather than half a dozen slow movers on cask breathers. If it’s a steady local pub though I reckon you’d have to do it as a licensee.

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      4. I agree totally…look in a utopian world we’d all drink nectar styel craft that didn’t go off but….needs must and I am a pragmatist therefore if the beer works I don’t really mind.


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