Malan Drops Kohli…Again…In Asfordby

The A606 from Wymeswold to Oakham has been christened (well by me anyway) the Stuart Broad trail.

It’s a fairly tenuous link, is there any other kind on this blog I hear you cry, but a drink in The Grainstore next to Oakham Station (Broad’s school) and a drink in The Three Crowns in Wymeswold (Broad’s boozer) is enough for any spin doctor worth his salts to start doing cartwheels.

I’m always a little reluctant to start talking about cricket with Duncan’s new found confidence following England’s woeful defeat plucky performance against those giants of the limited overs game Scotland.

However, I’ve noticed that I’ve actually acquired a couple of Dutch followers on this blog recently so I am pretty confident England would never lose against Holland in a cricket game so I can impart my knowledge as they are real novices in this sport…oh hang on

Asfordby England cricket

(There’s Stuart…probably not about to have a pint in the Three Crowns)

Anyway on the A606 – that’s a poor man’s version of the A514 Russ -there are villages such as Asfordby, which houses around three and a half thousand possible punters and also that rarest of sightings in the Midlands…a Batemans boozer.

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18  (3).jpg

They are as infrequent as catches held by slip fielders in England v India test matches, so it was a treat to see 261 – The Horse Shoes LE14 3SA homing into view on the main street in Asfordby.

I don’t know a lot about this place but popping into the Co-op beforehand told me there are a lot of tattoos in this village.  I don’t mean your new-fangled Virat Kohli style sleeves but more of your old school style swallows on necks/hands/arms etc. and even the old dear with a Zimmer frame was sporting a couple of corkers on her wrist

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18  (1).jpg

It looks like a proper boozer from the outside and it definitely was as it has a single room with sky sports on behind the bar and there were a gaggle of punters chewing the fat.

The conversation was centred around Leicester City’s academy players and how much they earned (I think there might have been a vested interest) and the pay scale of footballers in general whilst the cricket was on in the background.

It wasn’t packed on a Thursday afternoon but that had its plus points as it enabled me to see Sam Curran taking his fourth wicket…

(here’s the fairly nonsensical review for a plum LBW)

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18 (10)

…and the opportunity to watch Dawid Malan drop Kohli again at slip off the bowling of Ben Stokes (keep up Russ, Dave and Dick) which cost us about 100 runs!!!!!!!!!

I drew solace in the form of an outstanding cheese and onion cob and half a pint of Summer Swallow (Batemans) for the princely sum of £2.80.

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18 (6)

After Martin’s shock revelations that certain sections of society refer to this as a bap I can confirm that this area of Leicestershire is firmly in the cob territory and it appears the evidence backing up this fact is now almost overwhelming.

I keep reading about pub closures and it will be a sad day when or if pubs like this are no longer considered viable.  The notice board had a trip to Skegness advertised whilst there was classic bench seating throughout, hanging baskets out front,

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18  (11).jpg

the obligatory dart board (for our Dutch readers again as we always used to be world champions at that as well…) and a good atmosphere like you were walking into someone’s house but not intruding.

Asfordby Shoes 02.08.18  (9).jpg

(still looks out to me)

Both the barmaid and one of the regulars made a point of saying “see you later” when I left and it’s those little touches that are all important.

Of course, as Rich will tell me, if England had played this test on Yorkshire day and picked 11 Yorkshiremen then undoubtedly every catch would have been held and we’d have probably wrapped up victory inside two days.

But in the parallel universe known as planet earth it made for tense viewing and one of those moments where the conversation stopped in the boozer and the subsequent language would have had Mary Whitehouse apoplectic!

A good solid local boozer that is ticking all the boxes…apart from England catching cricket balls of course.


22 thoughts on “Malan Drops Kohli…Again…In Asfordby

  1. The substantial and down-to-earth population may have something to do with the fact that Asfordby was the site of one of the last deep coal mines sunk in Britain, opened in 1984 and closed in 1997.

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  2. ‘When Yorkshire are strong, England are strong’, goes the old saying. A more modern one is ‘More Olympic medals than the rest of GB put together’, you can also substitute countries here e.g. Australia.

    Taking the ‘old saying’ bit a little further, don’t tattoos look sad when people get older; the older the sadder. Heaven knows what some of these young kids with an arm full of tattoos will look like when they’re in their late fifties? ‘Grandad why is your arm all blue?’

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    1. I like the Australia line as it’s ALWAYS nice to beat them!! It’s all subjective of course but I am pretty sure in 40 years time people with neck tattoos will think why? Will we see a PM with a visible tattoo in our lifetime?

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  3. This is officially the world’s best cricketing beer blog. And a pub I have been in for a change (so will you have Martin). Actually there is a real ambivalence amongst many Scottish cricket fans who generally support England (in the absence of a fully professional home team) but not, of course, at football. This sometimes means, as in the World Cup, opposing and (kind of) supporting them on the same day. Others wouldn’t countenance it and to non-cricket fans, which is most Scots, it is tantamount to treason. Ps slip fielding is a specialist position; other sports are full of specialist positions; why does cricket pretend otherwise?

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  4. I like the thought of someone in the centre of Glasgow in a classic bar rooting for England at cricket! I have no idea why they don’t put the best catcher in there? Trott was on a show last night trying to justify Malan being there because to put Stokes in (best slip catcher) would be disruptive as he bowls and therefore chopping and changing. Not sure that ever stopped Botham fielding in there.


  5. My job takes me to different parts of England on a regular basis and I always try to visit as many pubs as I can as soon as work finishes. I often use blogs like yours to point me in the right direction. Apart from that I really enjoy reading your posts as well.
    Greetings ,Paul ( one of your Dutch readers)

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  6. “that’s a poor man’s version of the A514 Russ”

    (nods wisely) 🙂

    “but more of your old school style swallows on necks/hands/arms etc. ”

    The UK version of the butterfly, which is more popular over here. 😉

    “(keep up Russ, Dave and Dick) ”

    You lost me way back at Stuart Broad (LOL).
    (although I do understand LBW) 🙂

    “and a good atmosphere like you were walking into someone’s house but not intruding.”

    That’s a good description.

    “and the subsequent language would have had Mary Whitehouse apoplectic!”

    Nowt wrong with that. (LOL)


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  7. A couple of points on this one:
    1. I think the Horseshoes is possibly Batemans’ most westerly outpost.- I’ve always found it very friendly.
    2. You’ve got your A roads in a twist. The road from the A6 at Hathern, through Rempstone (White Lion), Wymeswold, and Asfordby to Melton Mowbray is the A6006. Then it joins the A606 from Nottingham to Oakham and Stamford. To complete the set of local 6s & 0s there’s the A60 from Loughborough to Nottingham. Shame route 66 is up North!

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