Kicking Up A Stink In Minworth

If you’ve ever been to Minworth then you’ll know it has its own unique odour.  Minworth Sewage Treatment Works, in the east of the village, is Severn Trent’s largest treatment works, treating the waste from the equivalent of 1.7 Million people from across Birmingham and the Black Country.

Suffice to say that, on occasions, given a prevailing wind, there is a rotten stench that permeates this area of Brum!

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (18).jpg

However, aside from the occasional festering sewage aroma, Minworth does have the advantage of the Birmingham-Fazeley canal running through it, which means there are bound to be some boozers in close proximity.

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18 (1)

It’s not quite East Birmingham so you can pick up a pint of real ale in this part of town but I don’t think this would be classed as a cask stronghold.

A rare sighting of this Beefeater breweriana…

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18 (13)

…is a sign that food rivals drink in these parts and that was definitely the case when I arrived at 263 – Cuttle Bridge Inn B76 9DP.

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (10).jpg

It is situated on a service road  just off the main drag going through the village so there are probably easier options to stop at.  In all fairness this is arguably a hotel/restaurant where you can still buy a drink but I was met by a Beefeater style greeting asking me what I was eating and was almost frogmarched to the bar area in case I didn’t know how to order just a drink by the very helpful waitress!

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (16).jpg

This is clearly a place that flaunts its Doom Bar and Atlantic (Sharp’s) and I have to say my pint of the latter was very good indeed as I grabbed a table on the beer patio.

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (2).jpg

Considering it was around 8pm on a Wednesday night it was absolutely rammed inside and out.  I think there might have been a warm up to a Thursday wedding going on but I wasn’t sure although the place was packed full of people eating and drinking.

Gorgeous sunshine and canalside boozers are always honey pots for folks from the Birmingham area and this proved to be no exception.

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (12).jpg

I reckon it’s the feeling of being landlocked and so far from the sea (or it could be that they have more canals than Venice…) that makes Midlanders flock to the canal.

Pete often takes his boat through this part of Brum and with his new found love of cask ale I could imagine him mooring up outside the Cuttle Bridge and polishing off a pint of Atlantic or Doom! (I’m expecting a post soon Pete)

Anyway there were all sections of society from the jumpers tied round their necks brigade to heavy rock t-shirts and tattooed couples with painted on clothes.

There was a great group of girls working their way through a stack of Peroni and wine engaging in a fruity conversation with swearing to rival any boozer in Whitwick and just a general feeling of a happy summer’s evening.

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (15).jpg

It felt like a restaurant to me really but was chilled, the beer was good and the place was packed to the rafters so whilst it might not be your traditional boozer, it looks as though it is thriving and has almost shaken off its Beefeater past!

(Definitely more canals than Venice!)

Minworth Cuttle 25.07.18  (18).jpg

Oh yes, it doesn’t smell in this part of Minworth either – not at 8pm on a Wednesday evening anyway!



12 thoughts on “Kicking Up A Stink In Minworth

  1. At some point I am going to count up how many of the 263 I haven’t been in- it will be a disturbingly high number. But not sure I will be going for a mini-break to Minworth any time soon unless the wind is in the right direction.

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  2. “given a prevailing wind, there is a rotten stench that permeates this area of Brum!”

    You can get a good ‘stench’ at the seaside at times when the tide’s out. 😉
    (and at least you have a sewage treatment plant, unlike British Columbia’s capital, Victoria) 🙂

    “and was almost frogmarched to the bar area”

    I guess if not eating they REALLY don’t want you on the restaurant side! 🙂

    “I reckon it’s the feeling of being landlocked and so far from the sea”

    Apologies but someone in the UK feeling landlocked makes me chuckle a bit. 🙂

    “and has almost shaken off its Beefeater past!”

    Interesting in the sense that Streetview is all over the place with respect to when photos were taken. There’s one from 2011 that shows it as La Famiglia Italian Bar and Restaurant, while another from the same time shows it was either The Kingsley or was becoming La Famiglia in place of the Kingsley (a Beefeater place).


    PS – “I could imagine him mooring up outside the Cuttle Brook”

    I think you mean the Cuttle Bridge.

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    1. Glad you spotted that Russ as I noticed you’ve slackened off on grammar recently 😉😀 does Victoria also have a certain odour to it as well?? Fair point we are a tiny island but it is always about three hours to the sea from Brum which feels like forever!!


      1. “as I noticed youvey slackened off on grammar recently 😉”

        I blame the heat. 🙂

        “does Victoria also have a certain odour to it as well?? ”

        I live a 3 hour drive away so not too sure on that, though they do have certain beaches blocked off once in a while due to “plumes” or “outflow. 😉

        ” but it is always about three hours to the sea from Brum which feels like forever!!”

        Three hours! Crikey. I thought I read somewhere you were never more than 75 miles from the coast in the UK.

        Ok, just looked at Google Maps. Brum is indeed almost dead centre and you can’t get to the coast in under 2 hours 36 minutes (and that’s either Hunstanton or Aberystwyth – LOL).

        I withdraw my remark (which was mainly a bit of leg pulling anyway. 🙂


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  3. Been there; done that; didn’t get a t-shirt! We stopped there in June for lunch; our first visit in many years! I’m pretty sure I had Carling, though.

    Our previous visits are documented here –

    It was a very good Beefeater, then it went downhill and we also discovered the Beehive in Curdworth (which, itself, is on a bit of a slide). Once it failed as an Italian restaurant I thought that was it and was pleasantly surprised to see it resurrected in its current format.

    We had a pleasant lunch there and there was no whiff of anything malodorous…well at least not from the sewage works. And to finish with a bit of useless information – the canal bridge nearest to the Cuttle Bridge Inn is, of course, Wiggins Hill Bridge – there is no Cuttle Bridge nearby.

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    1. Great stuff Pete I’ve just read your blog and I do like the trips down memory lane in Brum 👍👍 having read your post it makes perfect sense for it to be a hotel/restaurant/pub nowadays and you’ll be pleased to know it was packed and boats were moored alongside…

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      1. The moorings outside the pub/restaurant/hotel are excellent and will encourage many more boats to stop there. They are better moorings than at Curdworth which may be bad news for the village.

        Hopefully, the hotel side of the business will bring much-needed stability allowing the pub and restaurant to continue.

        As an aside, I’ve just had my first taste of Sharp’s Atlantic (from a bottle) and I was impressed. So, that’s another one added to my ever-expanding list of ‘proper’ beers that I quite like!

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