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In the spirit of song titles as blog post titles I’ve been sadly lacking recently so this tenuously afforded me the opportunity to throw a Blur song into the mix.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18 (67)

As Castles and town centres go, Warwick’s is pretty impressive.  Since I started blogging I’ve not reached the home of Racing Club Warwick (Townsend Meadow if you’ve not been there Duncan) or any of its boozers so a recent trip meant I could see what it had to offer.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (71).jpg

Apparently RC Warwick beat Birmingham City at St Andrew’s in the Birmingham Senior Cup Final some time prior to 1967 but Birmingham never lose to non-league opposition at home…except Altrincham in the 1985 FA Cup Oh hang on a minute…

FA Cup Altrincham 1986

Anyway, it hasn’t got William Shakespeare like near neighbour Stratford upon Avon or the Regency architecture of Leamington Spa, but it’s a bona fide tourist attraction in its own right.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (69).jpg

Anything that comes under the Merlin Entertainments umbrella is likely to be very expensive all singing and all dancing so Warwick Castle, along with the surrounding area,

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (63).jpg

is a honey pot for our transatlantic friends such as Russ, Dave and Dick.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (65).jpg

However, where Warwick differs is that it still has a good selection of earthy boozers tucked away in the underbelly of the town and appears to be buckling the trend with pubs opening as opposed to shutting.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (61).jpg

One such place is 269 – The Old Coffee Tavern CV34 4RA based just on The Old Square near to the town’s biggest attraction.  According to its blog, it was built in 1880 and known as a Coffee Tavern and Hotel before being used by the local authority for many years.

However, in a town that likes its history, a firm known as the Mosaic Pub and Dining Company restored it and brought it back to life as a boozer in 2017.

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (87).jpg

I had gone for a recce to the Castle ahead of a looming trip with work and managed to see the Trebuchet in full flow but with the heat wave in full effect and an abundance of people I needed to take liquid refuge!

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (85).jpg

The OCT was clearly melting as there was some kind of fan/air con issue and the landlady was looking like she was about to explode as she attempted to fix the main source of air!

It’s a pretty laid back vibe and quite foodie with two parties of six having a Sunday lunch and a girl auditioning for the role of a top sportsman as she was on her i-pad with her headphones in and therefore avoiding all form of human contact!

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (82).jpg

I quite liked the look of the inside of this place but the only problem with bars that have big glass windows at the front (like most Micropubs)is that if the sun is beating down on the window it can make it like a sauna.

However, all was good with the world as the fan/air con kicked in and the gaffer could stop melting and appeared to relax but not before the Church End IPA reached the end of the barrel as she tried to pour my pint!

Warwick Old Coffee 03.06.18  (80).jpg

(savouring almost a fivers worth of beer)

There were other options such as Ubu and  but with temperatures in and around 30 degrees I went for the Lawless (unfiltered) Lager (Purity) that set me back a tourist price of £4.80!

The layout inside is good and the bar staff were friendly and attentive plus any place that has recently converted to a pub from another building has to be a good thing!

Oh yes, funky beermats too!

1B - The Old Coffee Tavern Warwick


17 thoughts on “Coffee And TV

  1. Don’t think I’ve ever been to Warwick. Impressive Castle! Interesting point about bucking the trend; I think demographics and social/economic profiles play a much bigger part than people give credit. You can give as many rent rebates and tax breaks as you want to a crumby back street boozer in ‘going nowhere town’ and it still won’t survive. Unless of course you introduce supermarket prices to these pubs and we all know what would happen then!

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    1. Warwick is worth a visit as some decent pubs there as well. Cape of Good Hope by the canal is a favourite. The Castle is also mightily impressive! Agreed, if you set up in an area where people aren’t interested in drinking or don’t have disposable income then it won’t work. However, I am encouraged by all the new starts in the last four or five years and it appears as though councils are now more relaxed about converting old shops into pubs/cafe bars etc…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have an unerring knack of finding pubs I haven’t been in. A bit pricier than your usual beat! Done 9 in Warwick – and the football ground – but not this one. I quite like the town and the view of the racecourse from the football car park.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I usually ask the barman if you or Martin have been sighted there previously and if confirmed then I leave! Apparently you are both on a national GBG database amongst pubs and the rule is to ensure at least one barrel is off on every visit and one is on the turn! Good town and agreed re the ground, which is best described as ‘old school!’

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  3. “is a honey pot for our transatlantic friends such as Russ, Dave and Dick.”

    My brother in law’s last name is Warwick. You can judge how I feel about him from the fact that I wouldn’t go within 100 miles of Warwick Castle. 😉

    “restored it and brought it back to life as a boozer in 2017.”

    Well… maybe I just won’t go to the castle itself then. 😋

    “is that if the sun is beating down on the window it can make it like a sauna.”

    Over here most with windows like that have shades you can pull down.

    “that set me back a tourist price of £4.80!”

    And I’m back to not going within 100 miles of the place! 😮

    “Oh yes, funky beermats too!”

    Something to think about whilst distracting you from what you just paid for your pint! 😝


    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s Warwick, and yes, my opinion is low.

        But I keep it to myself. *

        Cheers! (chilling out) 😁🍺

        * Or at least don’t cause my sister any agro. 😉
        (though my brother and I sometimes mention it between ourselves) 😏

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Life is too short pal…as long as sis is OK then I suggest the best course of action is to head to your nearest pub (or Canadian equivalent) for a cool beer and enjoy life!!!! Just don’t pay £4.80 for it!!!


      3. No worries. I think it reads worse than I intended. He’s more of a knob than anything else. 😂

        As for the pub, that will be this weekend with the lovely Mrs R. 😎

        In the meantime I’m enjoying a nice IPA whilst sitting in the shade on my back deck in sunny 22C weather, and marveling at what a great job my wife did cleaning up the garden. 😊

        Cheers! 🍻

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The main tourist part of Warwick is gorgeous and well worth a visit 👍 however it’s big enough to possess a few earthy pubs as well away from the tourist traps….tie it in with Stratford and Leamington


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