This Is A Public Service Announcement…Rock The Cask Bah!

A nice little double Clash ditty in the title there that now puts me five points clear of Martin, Duncan and Si in the race to be crowned the king of “Woeful music links in pub blogs.”

Mind you, there was nothing disappointing about the landlord I met at a boozer in Loughborough tonight.  Landlords with personalities can make or break boozers and Loughborough’s answer to Joe Strummer won me over in a big way.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18 (3)

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a massive fan of The Clash and I chanced upon a boozer that was arguably my dream bar…

I was searching for The Wheeltapper (still on my to do list – I’ll take the address next time) but with no Wi-Fi I was running around like the proverbial blue-arsed fly until a boozer caught my eye.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18 (1)

Having been to a couple of fine drinking emporiums in Coalville and Whitwick recently with PUB guru Martin, he said it was the abundance of good boozers in Loughborough that was keeping some of these corkers out of the GBG.

Tucked away on Market Street in Loughborough is 275 – The Cask Bah LE11 3ER which not only pays homage to one of Britian’s best punk (or rock and roll) bands but tips a wink to many more.

Just take its beer list, all brewed by Nottingham Brewery and rebadged for the boozer with names such as “Lemmy Legend” and “Pitcher This” paying tribute to Motorhead and Blondie.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (4).jpg

I had a cracking half pint of Strummerville named after the legendary Clash front man which is a rebadged version of Bullion (Nottingham Brewery) that is a corker

According to the Loughborough Echo it  is described as a place to “drink premium beverages directly from a tapped cask vessel,” but frankly I don’t really care what barrel it is in as it’s tasty, cool and served with a laugh.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (14).jpg

The gaffer and his pal behind the bar were in full Clash regalia from London Calling/Give ‘Em Enough Rope era whilst his barnet was straight from Joe’s Combat Rock album era.

He was happy to pose for the camera and showman that he is, he describes himself as a ‘likely lad’ on the pub’s website, apparently they were knocking out a few tunes later on in the evening as I was there at around 6.30pm on a Thursday.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18 (8)

The bloke pulling up outside the pub blocking my photo was really chatty and told me he was on ‘keys’ (I know all the rock and roll jargon) for the mini gig later and said the gaffer “absolutely loves it.”

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (18).jpg

I wasn’t alone in the boozer either as there were actually young people in a pub shocker and a funny vibrant atmosphere with lots of rock t-shirts and all kinds of dress.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (16).jpg

(that’s why he couldn’t move the car…)

That website is good and all the pages are Clash related and I didn’t realise you could use their songs to such good effect

The Magnificent Seven/Public Service Announcements/Cask City Rockers/Loughborough Poring/This Is Radio Cask/Loughborough Calling

The music fluctuated from The Beatles to harder rock tunes but, as this place classes itself as a music Micropub then it is no surprise.

(essential toilet reading)

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (10).jpg

As I enjoyed the tunes I thought it could utilise any more clash numbers and “Career Opportunities” might be apt for Theresa May in the not too distant future whilst “Hate & War” is perfect for Conte and Mourinho with “Cheat” likely to be used by Neymar after this year’s World Cup exploits.

I could probably list another 20 Clash tunes but I’m already indulging myself so I’d best get back to the actual boozer itself.

Waxing lyrical about The Clash is also good as even Russ might have heard of them due to their exploits in the States whilst Mark, Dick and Dave I know are ordering their Sandinista t-shirts online as I write.

A clean unisex loo with a nifty “Police” logo on the dial phone…

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (13).jpg

…meets Rich’s criteria for a Micropub and this is the future of small boozers. Open all day, work with a smile, base yourself around top class punk rock music, link in with a brewery and  sell good beer whilst not taking yourself too seriously, which can be a real turn off.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (20).jpg

I reckon even Mudgie might ditch the seventies MOR and start pogoing in this bar as the atmosphere, led by the gaffer is infectious.

To be fair to The Needle And Pin another Micro I like a lot in in Loughborough, it has better music beermats and is also musically themed, but this is a much more raucous affair and has the feel of a ‘proper’ boozer.

Clash Cask Bah 30.08.18  (9).jpg

“We’re a garage band”

“We come from garageland”

Well Loughborough to be precise but it’s worth tuning into Radio Clash and putting this boozer on your frequency.


51 thoughts on “This Is A Public Service Announcement…Rock The Cask Bah!

  1. Good post. Didn’t know Martin was a Pug guru too! Many strings to his bow. You would enjoy London Calling in Rugby. By the way the Bell & Castle in Derby was a Good Beer Guide pub (haven’t got my GBG with me so may still be).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good spot! He’s more of a labrador expert but developing his pug knowledge!!! I didn’t know that – can see why as the beer was well kept and sort of place that probably needs a bit of recognition. My vision is for a Clash bar in most towns in Britain and then I can tour round them all drinking Strummerville and listening to Protex Blue!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Britian’s best punk (or rock and roll) bands.” You can remove the modifier Britain from your claim. Just Best! Dick is sadly too old for the Sandinista t-shirt. The Clash came too late for his school days. Sadly I never saw them live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok I’ll agree you’re far more stylish than Dick 😉👍 he can wear his new kids on the block one…😀 The clash were quite big in the states weren’t they? Share your view as one of best bands ever!


      1. Yes, they were very big when I was in college and kind of went mainstream with Rock the Casbah. I mean their music went mainstream radio with that song. Dick only wears gloomy Dylan shirts.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A great band and I saw strummer at v2000 in Staffordshire with his mescaleroes band where he banged out loads of clash tunes and still an angry msn! Great stuff …does Dick also like a bit of Leonard Cohen?


  3. “A nice little double Clash ditty in the title there”

    Definitely thumbs up worthy. (thumb up) 🙂

    “and rebadged for the boozer”

    Bonza way to keep with the theme. 🙂

    “and “Career Opportunities” might be apt for Theresa May in the not too distant future whilst “Hate & War” is perfect for Conte and Mourinho with “Cheat” likely to be used by Neymar after this year’s World Cup exploits.”

    You’re definitely in top form on this post. 🙂

    “as even Russ might have heard of them due to their exploits in the States ”

    I have both “London Calling” and “Rock the Casbah” on my faves playlist for listening to whilst driving, but seeing that photo with stay or go reminds me I need to get that one and put it in my faves as well.

    “Well Loughborough to be precise ”

    Just think of them as the black sheep of the A514. 🙂


    PS – “I’ll take the address enxt time”

    I’m gonna let that one slide. 😉

    “Just take it’s beer list,”

    No apostrophe for possession with ‘its’ (I know, it’s contrary to the normal rule).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love the spelling pick up…made me chuckle 😀😀 you need to get at least ten clash songs on your playlist Russ two from clash album two from give em enough rope two from London calling two from combat Rick and two non album tracks…you won’t be disappointed 💪


  4. Simon would definitely like this place (has anybody said that yet?) …just skimmed the comments so may have missed it…

    A unisex loo with a dial??? How does that work ( don’t say ring for service or anything rude)…😬

    That’s a pretty special pose the ‘keys’ man is doing – the photo wouldn’t look out of place on a Clash album cover…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good shout this is definitely a si sort of place and no one has flagged it up yet.👍 You also get a rRuss spotters badge for dial as it should have dial phone 😎😎👍that’s the gaffer who’s posing for the photo…it’s not a quiet place! Cheers 🍻🍻


      1. “You also get a rRuss spotters badge for dial as it should have dial phone”

        I thought that was yet more of your weird Brit slang. 😎

        But good catch on the Si thing. Was thinking that and then forgot to say something.👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The dial up unisex loo was worrying me a bit – but all is clear now…;)

        I’ll cherish my Russ Spotters badge – must be in the same league as a Blue Peter badge surely…:)

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Good grief. 33 comments on a pub post, nearly as many as when Alan Winfield did craft ! Have you been to/ heard of London Calling in Rugby ? In current Beer Guide. A real treasure cove for the Clash/punk fan.


  6. Of course you’ve now achieved the envious position of having to spend more time replying to comments than visiting pubs :0
    ….unless you go to a pub and reply to them while you’re there….

    …but then you could be spending too much time down the pub….

    I trust RetiredMartin has given you advice, or councelling, or both…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Retired Martin has started a PUB counselling advice line…if you ring it up three times you get a free pint of Bass!!! It’s a tricky dilemma…I may need to go to the pub to contemplate my options between replying to comments or drinking…choices choices!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s worth a visit – if only for the gaffer and music! The beer was good too. New one called Wheeltapper with good craft/keg on and also one called Moon Face Tap (I think) that I’ve not been too but the town is full of good places.


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