Blue Bass Triangle Mystery At The Bowling Green

Is there a new breakaway sect?  Have Martin, Duncan and the Wickingman rebranded Bass?  Has Mudgie blown the prize money he received from Vuelio as being being nominated as one of the Top 10 pub blogs in Britain to buy out Bass from Anheuser-Busch InBev?  Have members of the Beer And Pubs Forum lobbied for a new colour triangle under the Brexit negotiations?

Bowling Green 22.09.18 (4)

Either way, this strange sight greeted me when I entered 285 – The Bowling Green LE65 1HA in Ashby De La Zouch on a Saturday afternoon.

The good news, however, is that it also sells Bass and as Rich points out, the fact it is owned by Belgians and brewed in Staffordshire is part of its global appeal.

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (7).jpg

This was absolute nectar and had the added bonus of being served in a Worthington Creamflow pint glass which no doubt would have appealed to Alan Winfield’s sense of humour.


Bowling Green 22.09.18  (11).jpg

In fact, this is a boozer Alan would love to have drunk in (I’m sure he has) as it is a proper no nonsense boozer just off the main street in Asbhy, that has the feel of a real local pub.

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (1).jpg

At about 2pm on a Saturday it was full with kids, families, couples, blokes in Hi-viz jackets (impressive on a Saturday) and a gaffer who just exuded calm.

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (21).jpg

Rob Rocks were playing later in the evening and I would imagine this place gets lively as there was a crackling atmosphere at this time of day with conversations about pub life and lots of people who seemed at ease with each other.

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (18).jpg

It was a friendly pub but I couldn’t work out the mystery of the Bass Blue Triangle…Maybe it’s a rebrand?

A bit of Blue Sky thinking in downtown Leuven by the Bass marketing team probably thought it would be a good idea to funk up the iconic red triangle symbol with something more akin to the modern millennial.

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (2).jpg

Anyway, a pub that is well worth a visit and the gaffer was just about to set up the first fire of the football season means that time of year is approaching.

Blue is the new red…

Bowling Green 22.09.18  (17).jpg

13 thoughts on “Blue Bass Triangle Mystery At The Bowling Green

  1. I believe they have used the Blue Triangle logo before. says that it was a filtered and pasteurised bottled beer. Maybe what you had is a filtered and pasteurised version of Bass? I can’t comment further because we don’t get it round here, even in free houses. I do have vague recollections of a Blue Triangle on some Bass Charrington bottled products from when I was a kid, but I can’t be certain.

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  2. “to buy out Bass from Anheuser-Busch InBev? ”

    It’s not like they’d miss it. Check out the diagram below:

    “which no doubt would have appealed to Alan Winfield’s sense of humour.”

    LOL, indeed. 🙂

    “blokes in Hi-viz jackets (impressive on a Saturday)”

    I think they were filling in for the mobility scooters that were all in for repair that weekend. 🙂

    “Blue is the new red…”

    Excellent lacing.


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  3. If anybody is interested in the exact blue bass sign I have one taken from a pub called the warren buckley in stockport.when he closed it bob thompson 07855992980

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