Gertcha! The Generous Briton In Loughborough

Chas Hodges RIP – an absolute musical legend.  With one half of Chas and Dave sadly passing away I thought it would be fitting to blog about a boozer I could imagine him playing his piano and having a right good knees up at.

Their appeal, for me, was the fact they sung about everyday life and invariably that involved football and pubs!

“Gertcha, cowson, gertcha Bar stool preaching That’s the old man’s game!” was the catch chorus from Gertcha and bar stool preaching sums up the appeal of pubs perfectly

“I’ve got my beer in the sideboard here.” was another classic from the Sideboard Song then of course Ossie’s Dream and Tottenham, Tottenham were of an era when the FA Cup was a big event with Cup Final songs the order of the day.

Generous Briton 18.09 (2)

Channel 5 keeps on repeating the Chas and Dave Xmas Knees Up every year and whilst it’s stage managed, it looks like the kind of pub you could have a giggle in.

Anyway, whilst I’m waxing lyrical about Chas Hodges I found a pub that, apart from a missing piano, would have been right up his and Dave’s street.

286 – The Generous Briton LE11 3AB is a Loughborough stalwart and I reckon this is a pub any GBG ticker worth his salt will have been into.

It’s on the outskirts of the town centre so attracts a good smattering of locals rather than just University types and with juke boxes, pool table, dartboard and fruit machines it felt like a boozer you could relax in.

(student in lounge bar stool preachers in bar)

Generous Briton 18.09 (7).jpg

The gaffer was funny and having some banter at his barman’s expense but it was all done in a manner that meant he’d seen it all before and with Madness on the jukebox (who cite Chas and Dave as an influence) then it was as jellied eels as it is going to get in this part of Leicestershire.

Generous Briton 18.09 (8).jpg

It wasn’t full by any stretch but at 5.30pm on a Tuesday there were enough people in, particularly the bar in this big two roomed boozer.

Generous Briton 18.09 (4).jpg

There was a lot of lively chatter the other side of the bar from bar stool preachers and I had a very nice half of Ghost Ship (Adnams) of which I am sure Chas would have approved.

Generous Briton 18.09 (5).jpg



6 thoughts on “Gertcha! The Generous Briton In Loughborough

  1. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Loughborough on the boat and, looking at the map, The Generous Briton isn’t far from the canal! One for next time.

    As I was reminiscing to myself about Loughborough I was sad, but not surprised, that one of my all-time favourite pubs, The Albion had closed. I’m only 3 years late in finding out that news!

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  2. My sister lives in Loughborough so I’m slowly working my way round the pubs there bit by bit. Haven’t done the Generous Briton so will definitely add it to my to-do list!

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